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Issues with Account

Level 3

Question: I had not been in My Headset for a few weeks. So yesterday I went in. I had to log in again (Not sure why) updated everything, played a few games and all was fine. Then I went to Horizon Worlds. At first it would say error authenticating Facebook account. Checked FB all is well.. Kept trying and after a bit the meesage remained but instead of juts retry it now offered the option to sign in with Facebook. ok so I start that process, but got to a warning that said if I merge my account with FB ts permanent - So Ia m assuming that my account has been "Demergeded" with fakebook and that's good, and what I want, but does this mean if I want to use Horizon, I have to merge it or it just for Horizon?


Community Manager
Community Manager



We are happy to hear from you today. 


Now in regards to your question, at this time to be able to have full access to the games and apps you must have an active Facebook account. This will allow you to be able to gain access to all the features we provide for our games and apps, 


If you happen to have any questions or concerns we are always going to be here to help!


Always here to help!