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Jagged and flickering edges since update 47

Level 2

Anyone else have this problem since the latest update?

Started my headset today to find dramatically reduced graphics quality.

There is a very noticeable problem with the drawing of lines, particularly the edges around polygons. Lines looked jagged and they flicker a lot, even when I'm staying very still.

The issue occurs in all apps, even in Home. The edges around windows and the app bar at the bottom of the screen are jagged and flickering. See attached screenshots.

In the game Myst, all shiny surfaces (e.g. metal surfaces that reflect light) are extremely flickery and appear to be low resolution. The game looks really bad now, even though it looked beautiful yesterday before the update.

It looks like the headset is stuck in some sort of "low performance mode" that renders in low quality.

I'm wearing the headset correctly, tracking works flawlessly, lenses are clean, image is not blurry... This is 100% a rendering problem related to the GPU which started today.



Level 6

My system just updated to v47. The artifacts are there on my Quest 2, but I wouldn't have noticed them without specifically looking for them. So I couldn't tell you if they were there or not on v46 or earlier.

For me it is most noticeable in games, specifically Cubism and Myst.

In Cubism, the menu's text is completely disgusting and low-res, and the edges of all blocks are super jagged, like sawtooth. This all started today. The game was beautiful before.

In Myst, every scene is now littered with flickering lines everywhere. Shiny surfaces are the worst, they look like garbage. Again, this game was stunningly beautiful before this problem started today.

I'll try to post some videos tomorrow.

Level 2

I have the exact same problem. Did you find a fix?

Hey Occulus321! We understand that you are having issues with quality display since the new update. This is not the experience we want our customers to have and we would like to look into this further. If we could get you to create a ticket so you can be connected with our support team, they will be able to go over some options with you. You can create a ticket by going here and following the prompts.