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Just another guy with a left controller drifiting...

Level 2
I get random moviments with my controller in neutral position, sometimes to back, other times to left.
I already try this:
- Remove for 30 min batteries.
Result: The drift stop only for 5 minutes.
- Clean the controller surface with isoprophyllic alcohol
Result: Nothing.
- Calibrate again
Result: Nothing
- Unpair
Result: Nothing.
Support suggest a replacement, my controller is eligible for one, but I get a "We weren't able to confirm this product is associated with your account."
Really? I'm using the VR right now, and that is my serial!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Hey! Oh no, do not let controller drifting complications put a damper in your VR time! Thanks for letting us know the troubleshooting you have done. We want to make sure this gets settled for you, so you can continue having the time of your life! Please go here to find and/or make sure you have the correct serial number, then open a support ticket by clicking THIS link. There are several options to choose from email, chat, and a call back!

We are happy to help!