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Known Issue: Headset Says Memory Full, but it is not

Hi, my Oculus Quest 2 headset is saying low memory, but I have heaps of memory. It is making it so I can not play my game. What is causing this problem or does anyone have any solutions.

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Is there any new update to this? How is there not a fix yet? I went as far as factory resetting my quest 2, and only redownloaded one game. I still get the issue and the game crashes. This was with Broken Edge. Please send help it sucks I can’t even use my headset because it keeps crashing with this error.

I am on V60 and still have the same issues. This is after a factory reset as well

Thanks for letting me know! Just to make sure you're on the most up to date version of v60, could you let me know the full version number in your headset?

I wish I could provide more of an update, but I haven't really received much information. I'm still pushing for something that I'm able to provide everyone.

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I just got an update from our internal team and it looks like with versions 60 and onward we'll start to see even more improvements to this.

If you continue to run into this, I'd recommend making sure you're on the latest version by going to your System settings and checking the Software Updates section. Along with that, I would suggest submitting a bug report that'll send any necessary information over to our engineers for them to look into.

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

I tried again today and had the same issues of the game crashing and the headset sending the notification that says, “there is not enough memory to play broken edge”. I submitted another bug report. I checked my version and it is:

Runtime version:

I can’t believe there is still really no fix for this.

Update version 60************ is already on there and still freezing, logging me out of games and showing low memory. So it's not a fix, and is definitely spoiling the experience. At this point, I wouldn't recommend a headset to anyone. 


I found a "workaround".... if u start a game via the "Quest Games Optimizer"(dont change any settings) the memory bug is gone....

Exact same thing for me with broken edge, did you find a fix?

Still have not found a fix for this. 

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So every time I try to play broken edge ill fight one or 2 guys and then the game crashes and hits me with the low memory "There is not enough space to run broken edge". Ive tried resetting the quest and reinstalling the game but nothing works. Ive had the quest 3 for about a week and a half, i bought the 512 GB one as well and i have 460 GB left. I can play sports scramble and poker stars though as those are my only other games right now, so im not sure how to go about fixing this?

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