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Known Issue - Rainbow screen artifacts Natively and PCVR

Hello I also replied this to every reddit and meta post on this topic i could find
charging when in use and screen flickering/artifacts are not a problem in Version 59 0 0 171 706 535429038
Please META notice this. it is a huge problem i had FOUR quest3 in total, because i thought they were broken and brought them back to the store
please meta let people with problems downgrade to this OS version !!!!
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I finally found out how to write a support ticket, hopefully it will bring us a fix for wireless PCVR.


I just want to re-emphasize that this is not just an issue with PCVR. This is an issue with native Quest apps as well. I don't want the scope of the issue to be downplayed. Users that use the Quest without a separate PC also experience this issue extensively.

I would also like to add that this issue has been going on way longer than the 60 update. I wish people would quit saying it is from a newer update. I have had this problem since the 53 update over a year ago and stating it is a newer issue is kinda misleading. I understand for some people it might have just started with the 60 update but this problem is a long standing one. Google it and see. It gets better with some updates and worse with others but always still there. For those of you that have just started seeing these artifacts please dont take offense to this post. I just want to make clear just how long this has been going on without a fix. As far as the charging problem I have not experenced this issue just the artifacts and sometimes one of my lenses (Usually  the left one but not always) will turn completly pink on me and I have to exit my game and steam Vr for it to go away.

True. I've read that extensively elsewhere. I've also seen tons of Reddit threads where users are just like, "oh yeah. That's a thing. It's a software issue they'll fix eventually." Everyone is unbelievably complacent about this issue. It's enough that everyone should be doing chargebacks. But for some reason everyone is totally complacent instead.

The available reports would suggest that this has been an issue for Quest 2 users since v53 and for Quest 3 users since v60.

The Quest 3, issue started after v59. Quest 2 was earlier, how do you think I found this thread?


SO support got back to me, and asked me to factory reset my device, so I humored em with no change issue still persists.

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v63 resolves the issue for me - had  to join the ptc

Can confirm too that v63 PTC solves the issue.

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Yes, I can confirm this too. With v63 PTC the artifacts have completely disappeared, both standalone (Prime Video app) and with PCVR.

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