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Known Issue - Refurbished Quest replacement unable to connect controllers

Level 4

I just recently sent my quest 2 and controllers back to be replaced but the refurbished quest 2 controllers that was sent to me won't connect to the refurbished quest 2 headset that was sent to me so my headset is stuck in the paring initial setup screen. I tried linking my headset to my app to set up controllers that way but no matter how many times I tried to pair it putting the pair code in it won't pair up. I have factory reset several times. I have reinstalled the app already a few times. Yes my location and bluetooth is on. I have already been through setting this up with my old quest 2 that I sent back with no problems. I don't understand how I was sent a refurbished quest 2 and controllers that can not even set up. Please help me fix this or let me get a replacement that works.

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Screenshot (5).png

Assuming you have headset in sideload mode (from headset boot menu), you just execute the sideload command.


Looking at your screenshot you may or may not need to use or ./ as the first command you tried, which looked right, didn’t seem to find the file. 

yeah but wasnt something suppose to pop up on my quest cause no update happen, wait so did i get the command wrong or sum?

Screenshot (6).png

That last command looked right. Try .\adb sideload .\


If that doesn’t work, put the complete path to, starting with C:

Screenshot (7).png

wait how i do the path then what will the command look like

So, not sure if it really matters, but they told me to name it, not


The adb command is saying it can't locate the file, which is odd since it is in the same directory, but try giving it the complete path to where it is, like:

.\adb sideload C:\Users\Toka ushi\Downloads\platform-tools_r33.0.3-windows\platform-tools\


One other thing that *might* be causing issues is that space in Toka ushi. So you might want to put the files in a folder that has no spaces, like C:\temp 

Screenshot (8).png

I would put into a directory without spaces in the name.