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Laptops not supported for pcvr ???

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heyy i just contacted customer support regarding airlink and steam vr issues 

wireless pcvr normally has always worked for me with a few hiccups here and there but worked

a short time ago everything stopped working it would let me open steamvr or airlink worked for a minute

untill i started the game or if i waited for longer than a minute

everything will start crashing the visuals and audio 

after everything glitched i can close airlink 

but when i try to reconnect

instead of it saying meets requirements it says not connected and wont let me press launch

so i contacted support and they told me all laptops are not supported anymore 

which i highly doubt is actually true 

cause i would expect meta to make an announcement if this actually was true

the laptop im using is a legion 5 with an r7 and an rtx 3070 and a wifi 6 asus router

please help me figure this issue out since i wanna continue using pc vr


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @44k4sh44, we know you're eager to resume enjoying the awesome PCVR world, and we appreciate you sharing your situation! Since we've noticed you have concerns about both PCVR connectivity and app crashes, let's start with the first. To troubleshoot your connection to Meta Quest Link, please visit here. As for your apps crashing when trying to play PCVR, what device are you using? We'd also like to know what troubleshooting steps you've already tried?


With this information, we'll be able to find the best solution. We look forward to assisting you! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @44k4sh44! We wanted to check in and see whether you still need assistance. We'd love to help you get to the bottom of this! 

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heyyy i figured out what was causing issues with pcvr

im using a legion 5 and in lenovo vantage is a feature called network boost

and once i turned that off everything was solved

still some latency and short moments of stutters

but it basically works fine again

only thing that still weirds me out

is how customer service was fully convinced that all laptops are not supported

even tho i told him what internals my pc has ( rtx3070 + r7 )

so im wondering is this an actual thing thats gonna happen in the future

where only desktops are supported

or did the guy not know what he was talking about?

Thank you for letting us know you were able to catch what was causing you issues while using PCVR! If you need any additional help please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. To clarify, not all desktops and laptops are supported but some are! We'd recommend checking out the compatibility requirements for Link at this article here! We hope this helps! 

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The main issue that happens with laptops is problems with integrated (like intel) and discrete (amd or nvidia) gpus.

For example nvidia optimus is a battery saving method that uses the intel gpu generally but swaps over to the nvidia gpu for high end things. This can mess with software. Even not in VR, on my new laptop (with a 4080) I tried running a benchmark and it got about 10fps because it wasn't switching to nvidia correctly, so I forced it to nvidia and got over 200fps. But I specifically got a laptop with a "hardware mux", which means it can completely bypass the intel gpu if I change a setting.

Another issue that is more for Rift headsets than Quests is the video out on laptops is often routed through the Intel GPU anyway because only the intel gpu has the hdmi/display port output. So even when using the nvidia or amd GPU, every frame of the game must be copied in memory to the Intel GPU to show on screen (or headset) and that confuses the Oculus software.

So basically Oculus/Meta have often dissuaded people from getting laptops for VR because many of them are either underpowered or have issues with graphics output as mentioned above, but good laptops do work fine. (I've been using laptops with VR at my work since 2015)

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Great information there @kojack! Thank you so much for providing that!


@44k4sh44 We're just following up here to see if you had any other questions or challenges, if so please let us know! We're all here to help!

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