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Latency Spike and other issues

Level 4

I notice I am having problems with application dropping a frame too often, which isn't related to headroom (will happen with 70% spare on a 3080Ti).


I switched to the Latency HUD and noticed that the App-Trk to Mid-Photon would also spike.  I was testing whilst spinning around (fast smooth rotation in a couple of games that are using Oculus API) and it will spike and drop some frames at each full rotation.


On average the latencies are all around 30ms, but in App-Trk to Mid-Photon I notice very brief spikes into the mid-40s, which displays as red text.  This appears to be happening in parallel to the app frame drops, but I can't have both HUDs running at once to compare them (the intervals seem the same).


I'm wondering if this is the cause of my frame drops and slight stutters on the Rift-S.  I've had some connection issues of late, but I thought I'd countered it by using a self-powered USB 3.0 hub.  My board's USB 3 used to work well, but of late it would sometimes complain about tracking and keep restarting the setup procedure.  I also had to set PCIE to 3.0 from 4.0, otherwise the Rift-S would just keep having connection issues on a USB3.0 that worked fine with a gtx 1080.


However, if somebody could explain the latency spike, and/or even offer a possible solution then I think it'll all work.