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Latest controller update bricked my Quest2 standalone mode

Level 2



it seems like the latest controller update bricked my Quest2 standalone mode. It boots up, it even shows the controller in VR and I sometimes hear the city ambient sound , but I only have a black room around it and no menu is displayed after pressing the Oculus button. So pretty much useless.


I then did a factory reset.


Same issue, but now at least I can get it running when I link it to Windows and start the app. However, this is noit my favorite experience, the useability is stoneage and the aliasing and stuff too, plus I prefer the other rooms and like to use it without being hooked up to Windows via USB. 


Does anyone have an idea what I could be missing here? 

Thanks in advance. 


Level 2

This is a recorded stream of how it looks like:

Hey there! We know how confusing it can be when these issues occur and we want to be able to help. We would like to recommend you submit a support ticket with our support team so we can look into this for you. You can visit our support site [here](

I am having this problem too, also, I did a factory reset and after I turn it off and on again, back to the same problem as you...

Still waiting for theirs response as the first one was useless.