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Left Controller Not Working Oculus Quest 1

Level 3

I bought my unit in 2020. I used it for a workout app limited amount. I was not a heavy user. Then I have not used it for a year. Took it out of the box today to start the workout app and the left controller is not working. I have tried so many batteries, I am blue in the face. I've used batteries that work in the right controller and put them in the left controller and it still does not work. Sometimes with the battery I will get a couple white blinking lights but it's always missing with the oculus.


I contacted the chat and literally spent over an hour trying to get someone to actually give me Tech support. They only cared about if I was under warranty or not and then they would send me a replacement. I already knew I was out of warranty because I had told them it was over a year that it was sitting in a box yet they still continued to keep asking me my warranty information.


I looked on this forum and a lot of people have had left controller issues when they have not used it for awhile. The agent ended up leaving it with "no worries we will make sure you're not left hanging" and we will sort through solutions. I loathe when people say "no worries" because clearly I'm the one with the worries about it. Anyway, when I asked when am I going to hear from this and what are the options, they were unable to answer any of that and kept saying that I would not be left hanging.


I am very frustrated considering this is an ongoing problem for a lot of people who have not used the item in a little while and it seems like the left controller no longer works. Yet FB still needs to "look" into my issue as if it's some anomaly. In the meantime, I'm paying for subscriptions that I can't use and pretty sure FB will come back just saying it's out of warranty and my problem to buy a new one. And unless FB sends me a new one quickly then I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. This should NOT be happening to multiple people with the same issue of not using it for awhile and it just stops working. Come on FB! You should be better than this! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We would love to assist you with this! At this time we would like for you to reach out to our support team here so that we can assist you further.