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Left Controller not tracking

Level 2

I haven’t used my Oculus in a while, but when I used it today my left controller was not tracking. It tracks better; almost perfect in the right camera but doesn't track at all in the left camera. I cracked my left controller once and right as well but the left is only one having problems. Fully updated controllers and system.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Vrman_quest! We know controller tracking is an important part to the VR experience, so we'd love to lend a hand! 

In order to gain a bit more insight, could you please answer the following:

  1. When was this first noticed? 
  2. Have you tried cleaning the controller battery bay and tracking ring?
  3. Has the controller ever taken a fall?
  4. What all have you tried already? (Just to not have you repeat anything)

Along with this, if you haven't done so already. Could you try the below steps:

  1. Remove the battery for roughly 5-10 minutes then replace with a new or known working one.
  2. Unpair/re-pair the controller with these steps here.

We'll be awaiting your update!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again, @Vrman_quest! We're just checking to see if you were still needing help with your controller issues. 

if so, don't hesitate to reach back out and we'll be happy to check out some other options!