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Left Eye Only Black Screen New Quest 2

Level 2

Hi! So I just received my Quest 2 in the mail and I plugged it in to charge for awhile so I could hop right in to some VR. I finally put it on, and it seemed to be working fine for a bit, but when I was trying to set it up the left screen turned black. The right eye still works, and I can still see and access the menus and stuff, but only with the right eye.

I have it currently updating, so maybe that will fix it, but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and how they got it fixed or if it can be fixed by simple means. I tried factory resetting and a couple other things, and I also haven’t been able to find anyone with this exact problem yet.


Level 4

I’ve not had that specific issue.   You should log onto Oculus and chat with them (go to support, contact us, raise a ticket, opt for chat, keep a copy when you’re done).  Good luck.   

Level 3

I have this exact problem too thought I was the only one it's quite annoying support got back pretty quick at the start but it has been a couple of days now since the last message not sure what to do it happening more often now.

Level 2

Yep same problem! Left it on charge for a day and now the left eye is black

Level 2

Did you ever find out what the problem was?

Hey there nicole572! It can be concerning to find one side of your Quest 2 display not showing, but you can take steps to possibly fix the issue! First, check for any signs of impact to your headset, as this could have caused the display to malfunction. Next, reboot your Quest 2 by following the instructions from the link. This will not remove any data from your headset, so no need to worry about losing any game progress you've made! If you still can't get your Quest 2 display to come up in full, please reach out to our Support team. One of our awesome agents will gladly assist you further!

Level 2

Same trouble i am facing wonder whats the solution

Anyone ever find a fix for this, i even had sent my Oculus in to get fixed and they still didnt fix it? im sending it back soon after support gets back in touch with me but was wondering if anyone else found a solution? maybe Wiring problem with a display?

Level 2

Any news on this issue? My right side is intermittently much darker than the left.

Good day, @RyanCanFixit! We hope you're having a fantastic day! We've noticed that the headset display is causing you problems. We understand how inconvenient this can be. No worries, we will make every effort to resolve this for you as soon as possible.


To begin, please try the steps outlined in the previous post and see if that resolves the issue.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please open a support ticket here for further assistance.

We're looking forward to resolving this and getting you in the game.