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Left Hand Controller.

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Hey, I recently had an issue with my left controller for my Oculus Quest 2, where a white light started blinking on it and it would not work with the headset, I went though all the steps to try and repair it. Removed the battery for 30mins, held the menu button and the Y button to reset to factory mode, replace the old battery with a new one. unpaired and repaired using the app as well as the headset, but nothing worked. I went on the website to try and find some other way but there was no other clear instruction on how to fix the problem.  So I decided to just buy a replacement, so I went on the Meta website to order a replacement,  being that my unit is out of warranty I have to pay for a replacement, which is fine with me, But what I a issue with is the fact that they want me to send in the old one in order to get the replacement. They will not send me out a replacement ( which I'm more then willing to pay for) if I don't send in the broken one first. It's out of warranty and broken, why do they need it back? it's mine I paid for it.  Because they want to fix it and resale it. Making money off something I already paid for. 

The fact of the matter is if they would just give clear instruction on how we can fix the controller ourselves. 

Have any one else ran into this situation, with them PLEASE let me know, we as consumer paid a lot of money for these unit.   


That seems bizarre, but oh-so-very Meta. I can only presume that something has gone wrong somewhere in their systems. You shouldn't need to do that to buy a new one. What about logging in as a new account to purchase?

It sounds more like you ended up on the support system and have somehow convinced it to send you a free replacement, even though that's not what you actually want.

Incidentally, you are probably aware, but holding down the Meta button and Y doesn't factory-reset the controller, it puts it in bluetooth pairing mode, from where the headset (if it's looking) can find and re-pair with it.

Is the flashing white light blinking a particular pattern?

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @toney154400! By the sounds of it, it seems like you're using the automated system through our site. 

If you'd like to look into some options, I'd recommend reaching out to support themselves. This way they'll be able to look into everything and try to figure something out.

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How do I find my left hand

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there @Hateturtles, could you explain what issue you're having? Are you having trouble with your controller not being detected by your headset?


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