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Left Oculus Touch won't turn on or pair after only second use [updated]

Level 2
Took the Touches out of the box, set them up the other night, they worked great. Come back to the same desk a few days later, nothing has happened to them, haven't changed my setup, and all of a sudden the left Touch is out of commission. White LED light won't turn on, etc. The right one is fine. I swapped out the battery, tried removing and re-pairing, etc. Nothing. Very disappointing.

UPDATE: It turned on after I held down all the buttons at once on it. I dunno, man!

Level 2
My right touch controller won't turn on!  I'll try the button thing, but if it doesn't work I'll leave the post the way it is.

Level 2
my left one wont turn on.  I got it at Christmas and it worked great till now and then poof suddenly stopped working and everything I tire wont work.  PS i was just in game it said my battery was low so I replaced the battery and it showed my hand was there but tracking didn't work so i kept changing the battery and it worked a little but then just stopped internally.   PLEASE HELP. 

Level 3

I opened my up after a couple uses and being in storage because Oculus screwed my over by connecting to Facebook and my account is banned on Facebook for being angry at disinfo from Trumpies, so I was effective prevented from using my Oculus VR because of my political views. I hate this company is owned by Facebook and Mark "MAGAT Useful Russian Censorship Republican Idiot" Zuckerberg! It has cost me being able to do VR, I just installed another NVIIDIA card because my super expensive 2080 that I bought during Covid fried all its new ports and for some reason I can't plug more than one monitor into it... capitalism sucks and Oculus and Facebook and Zuckerberk and Nvidia and Trump and all those people suck and I'm very angry that my poor ass can't do VR despite spending tons of money on other peoples' stupid technology lies with no warranties. I'm angry at spending $100 on eBay for a cable which is nonexistent in the rest of the world, including Oculus, and I hate this company and I hate the idiots who run everything!! Scr3w you all!! J3rks.

This is because of Oculus' terrible design and them screwing over users by providing a flawed product and then not supporting it, they could be sued out of existence for the lack of service they have provided their users who have paid lots of money for pieces of crap hardware!

That's because the Kickstarter crap company they started won't acknowledge that they provided circuit boards that degrade quickly in a standard Earthlike atmosphere, so you're screwed because you believe the lie that the hardware gives you: you think that because you have a piece of plastic and metal in your hand that you own something, but in reality they just want to sell you a piece of environment-destroying crap that doesn't work except for maybe 10 minutes (that's how long my Oculus Rift worked). Don't believe them, they'll lie to you and then delete my comments so you don't see what criminal losers who rip you off, that they are!