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Left Touch Controller(s) malfunctioning for the third time, raw thumbstick coordinates spazzing out.

Level 3

Going to try and keep this short; I've had an issue that I first encountered back in late March four months ago, where the raw thumbstick data for my left touch controller(s) have started spazzing out in one direction, and occasionally staying above the deadzone unless I tap the thumbstick in which it will reset (or maybe not.)

I've had this happen now to three left touch controllers, two for my Rift S, and the third one for my Quest 2. I have already had the controller for my Rift S replaced four months ago, but the issue has recently risen again not too long ago.

I can easily observe this behavior just by tapping on the thumbstick in any direction, and the raw coordinates can be seen spazzing out in one direction on one coordinate (or both should it worsen over time.)


Here are some attachments showing the behavior of the thumbsticks:

(Kojack's Oculus Monitor tool was used to show visuals for the Rift S left controllers.)


(Included controller that came with the unit, +X coordinate. I no longer have this controller.)


(Refurbished replacement controller, -Y coordinate. Not sure if the X coordinate is becoming affected.)


[Quest 2 Controller Behavior]

(Quest 2 controller now behaving the same, but much worse than the Rift S as it triggers rapidly judging by the audio. I'm unable to embed or attach the preferred video file.)


I don't know what to do for the Rift S controller at this point, I really don't want to try and bring it back up to support, knowing that my Rift S' warranty is long expired.

As for the Quest 2 controller, this shouldn't be a problem getting resolved since the warranty on the Quest 2 is still good.


The Quest 2 and Quest (and therefore by extension the Rift S) appear to use the same joystick potentiometer module, which can be replaced relatively easily using parts from Aliexpress or ebay.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The controllers should definitely not be spazzing out. We understand your concern and see how it can cause issues during gameplay.



Try these steps below: 


  • Remove the batteries for at least 30 minutes before attempting to use them again.


  • On Standalone Headsets: Increase the dead zones of the controller until the drift is no longer an issue/noticeable. 
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to Controller Settings
    3. Under Joystick Deadzone and Range, select the joystick which is having issue
    4. Follow on-screen instructions to recalibrate the joysticks deadzones


  • When powering on your controllers, ensure that the Analog sticks aren't being held in any direction and are at rest in the neutral position.
  • Clean controllers with a dry cloth. 


If you're still having issues after completing these steps, we recommend you submit a support ticket. One of our specialists will be happy to go over your next options with you! 

I increased the joystick's deadzone and so far the issue has ceased for now, will continue monitoring the controller's behavior and hope that it doesn't get any more out of hand.
The only sacrifice from increasing the deadzone was the loss of analog controls, the team won't mind if I still submit a support ticket later?
(I forgot to post the reply earlier, whoops!)

Level 2

This exact same thing has happened to me and I have had it for a few months but never knew what had caused it.

Hey there, @Jollythechild! We definitely understand your concern regarding your joysticks acting up as described here. If the above troubleshooting doesn't help, then we'd recommend reaching out to Meta Store Support for further assistance. They'll do everything they can to help out!