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Left controller analog stick drifting

Level 2

I was playing my oculus with no issues at all! But the all of a sudden i stopped playing my oculus for 5 months, kept it in a safe place where no one would touch it or it would get damaged in any way shape or form, I came back to play on it. I get into a game, and it all goes normal until i notice i started to get controller drift, I tried to fix it because I had the same issue, I tried to fix it but it won't work. I'm wondering if I could get a replacement for the left controller and I'm pretty sure I still have a warranty for the oculus quest 2. 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey! I know there have been periods of time when I haven't used my headset, and it's super concerning when something isn't working how it should anymore. Luckily, there are some pretty good troubleshooting steps for drift now! You might have tried some of these, but I just want to make sure I give you all the info I've got!


Here are those troubleshooting steps to try if you haven't yet:

  • Remove the batteries from your controllers for at least 10 minutes, then replace with new batteries.

  • When powering on your controllers, ensure that the Analog sticks aren't being held in any direction and are at rest in the neutral position.

  • Try un-pairing and re-pairing your controllers in your mobile app.


  • You can also increase the dead zones of the controller until the drift is no longer an issue/noticeable in your headset settings:

    • Go to Settings

    • Go to Controller Settings

    • Under Joystick Deadzone and Range, select the joystick which is having issue

    • Follow on-screen instructions to recalibrate the joysticks deadzones

And if you still are having drift issues, you can reach out to the support team to see what can be done to get your controllers working right! You can submit a support ticket here to do just that:

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I have tried all of them and yet it still doesn't work. It eventually gets hard to play and now I only play for about 10-15 minutes because of the stick drift. It gets really frustrating especially when I'm in a public lobby trying to have a good time. 


If you've tried all of that troubleshooting and still have drift, you're going to want to reach out to the support team so they can look into what options they have for you! You can start a ticket by following this link:


To get to the email or chat support options there, you can follow this workflow: Meta Quest>Left Controller>Thumbstick>Thumbstick Unresponsive>This does not solve my issue. From there you should be able to choose to start a support ticket over email, live chat, or even request a callback!

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