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Left controller not working

Honored Guest

So recently my left controller stoped working so I checked the battery compartment to change the battery then I found a strange residue and a liquid so I took out the batter cleaned the controller popped in a new battery but to no avail it didn’t work and since then I couldn’t get it to work it doesn’t light up or connect. The strange thing is I normally use the right controller more and also I have punched the wall with my controller but 9/10 it’s always the right controller that takes the hit yet it works perfectly. Can I please get some help for with this ?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Gaston144! We're sorry to hear your controller doesn't want to turn on after cleaning it. That is definitely the opposite reaction we would expect.


We don't want you to be without a working controller for long, so please reach out to our support team here for assistance. Just include all the details you've provided here, and one of our agents will be happy to look into your options with you. 😊

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