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Left controller stopped working

Level 2

How do I get ahold of customer support. My left controller to the meta-pro stopped working lights turn on, but will not Bluetooth sync.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Having issues with your Quest Pro controller? This is not the experience we want you to have with us and want to make sure we can get you back on track or direct you to the right place! We were wondering if you have done any troubleshooting steps? For example: 


  • Removing batteries for 10 minutes
  • New batteries
  • Clear Bluetooth cache on phone

If you have tried the following please let us know as we can direct you to our Meta Store Support! However, if you have not please let us know if any of these worked for you as we will be patiently waiting for your update. 

I have the meta-oculus quest pro it has no batteries it is through charge has full battery lights all work. Bluetooth even turns on just does not sync at all to the system or to the phone.

Yikes! Our apologizes for the wrong information regarding the VR device being used. We appreciate you letting us know and we will need you to get connected with us through a live chat or even submitting a ticket to our Meta Store Support. Please click here to get connected with one of our awesome agents and work with them to get you back in the VR world. 


We hope to see you back up and running soon! 

Level 2

In the process of getting it fixed, have to do a video conference from what I was told by Best Buy. It has been happening a lot with all the left controllers. You need to talk to them and they have to send you a new one meta has to send you a new one..