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Left controller wont function

Level 2
  • Recently updated the software on my Headset, during which time everything was going well. However after the update was finished and the two controllers I have finished updating as well, my left controller no long functions in any way aside from being able to press buttons. No tracking, no lights or vibrating, all I can do is try to turn my head towards where it's 'pointing' and click it's buttons to navigate menus. It's incredibly frustrating because it was literally working just fine before the update.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @mekcstriker. We see you are having issues with your controllers after the newest headset version update. We understand how troublesome this may be and we are here to assist you all that we can.

So we can narrow down factors that may be influencing the controllers, can you please try removing the batteries from the controllers for 10 minutes minimum and place back in new batteries. This will help reset the controllers.

If the issues still persist, please let us know.