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Link cable and PC wont connect - Airlink very buggy.

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Hello, i have received my new quest 3 and link cable few days ago, but could not connect it to my pc via the cable.

My z590m plus mainboard has 3.2 usb port type c as well, and it only makes a charging sound but doesnt seem to find anything. not the quest, not the oculus program on windows.

Windows is a fresh install, newest drivers etc. I changed power management setting to disabled, on the usb bus in device manager i checked off that it saves power. I reinstalled, restarted both the pc and quest, updated, repaired the oculus program, reinstalled oculus drivers, activated dev mode and installed adb drivers.

I asked meta support they could not help me so far. I dont know what to do.

Airlink worked, connected, but when inside is EXTREMELY buggy, flicking, cannot see my controllers rly, bad graphics, not allowing me to do anything and the world is destryoed etc. basically not functional.

Is it me? my pc? my quest? cable broken delivered? why.

Besides that, is it normal that standalone quest 3 is kindoff pixely and blurry? I thought it can change when in pcvr right?


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I now also updated my BIOS and intel ME. reinstalled oculus and factory resetted quest 3, still nothin.

Hey there, @Sosse! We'd like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. Making sure that your device is properly working for an outstanding VR journey is our top priority! Would you mind confirming if your PC meets our requirements to use Meta Quest Link? To do so, check here. We would also like to get a better idea of your setup by asking a few questions:

  • What error messages, if any, do you see?
  • Is an adapter or cable extender being used?
  • How many other USB devices does the customer have connected to their PC?

As for the pixelated display you're having, we suggest adjusting the lens spacing on the headset if you haven't done so already. We've provided an article with steps on how to do so. Please let us know if this helps; we're more than happy to look into other possible options if needed.

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

I have an i9 11900F, rtx 3080, and my mainboard is a prime z590m plus, the usb C port is 3.2, no error messages it just cant find it, and i have usb devices plugged in are my





something for the monitor

and another cable to charge the mouse.

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I have the same problem.  Can't see the Meta Quest 3 in windows explorer.  My Quest 2 works fine...

Developer mode enabled, using usb-c port and decent cable. 

Got it to work, plug into computer first then quest 3 and enable usb transfer on the quest.  Changed cable to a faster one, 100W works fine now. 

Hey there, @Sosse, are you still having issues with your Link Cable connection? PC VR is a pretty big deal, and we know it can really provide a amazing VR experience. So we would love to help however we can!

First, Air Link requires a pretty fast router, and a cabled connection from your PC in order to properly send data packets between the PC and Headset, You can find some "Best practices" for Air Link, Here.

Next, have you ever used your PC for VR in the past? If you had an older Quest device we would love to see if those work. If Quest 3 is your first VR device, welcome to the family! Please ensure you have properly followed the steps in this article: Set up Meta Quest Link

Lastly for the time being, ensure you do not have any Windows Defender, Firewall, other Antivirus, or VPN that may be causing issues with the Link Cable. It has also been known that outdated GPU drivers can cause many issues, including connection issues. Ensure and double check you have the latest drivers for your GPU, USB, and Windows PC updates.

If you are still having issues, we would love to go over anything we can, just send us a message from our Profile Page so that we can look into this further!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

Hey again @Sosse, if you are still needing assistance with your Link Cable or Air Link connections, feel free to reach out to us a any time. We would love to review anything we can to help! just let us know.

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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