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Link keeps freezing or crashing

Level 2

I have been playing pc vr through link for a few months and now it freezes every two minutes or so ive tried rolling back my drivers/updating them ive unintalled and reinstalled to oculas app and even completly reset my headset to factory and yet thefreezing persists 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh-uh! This is not the kind of experience we want you to have with your Link cable. We want to make sure you can resume using your fantastic VR equipment. However, we will have to direct you to our Meta Store Support due to the limited tools we have here.


You can arrange a call with one of our exceptional agents, start a live chat, or submit a ticket! Please make sure to provide your logs when getting in contact with our specialist so they can further look into this for you. In order to get connected with support go ahead and click here.