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Logged out and no wifi

Level 2

I got logged out and i cant do anything bcuz it says:connected,no internet

so im stuck with this for the past few days i cant get wifi no account i cant do anything pls help me its the quest 2


Level 2

Im stuck with the same situation aswell!!!!


Im here and cant move... 🤕🤕🤕





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all! We know it can be pretty discouraging to not have access to the online world, so we'd love to try and help out!

In order to gain a bit of insight, could you please answer the following:


  1. When was this first noticed?
  2. What all have you tried already? (So to not repeat any steps)
  3. Was the headset ever mishandled by chance? (Dropped, tossed, etc.)
  4. Are you in the same room as the router?


As for now, could you try to power cycle the headset by holding the power button for roughly 30-45 seconds?


Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey guys! Just checking in to see if you were still in need of some assistance. 


If so, please don't hesitate to reach back out anytime and we can get right to it!