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Losing Audio loading a new scene on Oculus quest 2 app made with Unity

Level 2

Hello, i got a strange bug regarding Audio on a VR application for Oculus Quest 2. On the first Scene i load audio works properly and i hear Audiosource in scene. If i load a new scene Audio stops working and i don't have any null reference (checked with logcat) regarding my AudioManager. Now it starts the real bug: if i put my oculus on standby without closing the application (it is still in the second scene loaded) and i put it back on Audio starts to work properly till a new Scene is loaded. Have you guys encountered anything like this ever?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Astaroth115! It appears that you are having some audio issues while using apps made with Unity, we'd love to get you over to the right place for that! Please click here in order to discuss this issue with other developers on our developer forums.