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'Losing hands' in all Steam VR games

Level 3
I've had the Oculus for 6 months and til now have barely used it due to the challenge of getting any of the popular games working through Steam VR.
Every game I play loses touch functionality within a few minutes with Skyrim being the latest, all my searching it seems no-one else has this issue so am thinking it may be faulty hardware.
The controllers still rotate fine but get stuck at one position and there's nothing that can restore them except restarting the game and then repeats within minutes, as I mentioned there's no Steam VR game which doesn't have this problem where native Oculus games are generally fine, I've now resorted to stopping Oculus from starting by setting 'run as admin' and performance has improved slightly, I'm using a GTX 1070 & i7 860, 16GB.
If anyone has come across this please let me know to help understand how I can eventually use the rift. Thanks

Level 3
Forgot to mention I'm also using the inateck usb3 pci with MS drivers & 2 sensors.  

Level 11
When your hands have stopped moving, lift the Rift up a bit so you can see your screen and check the device setup.  See if it's saying your sensors are disconnected.  They're what tracks the positional movement of the HMD and controllers.

But, if you're only having the issue in Steam VR...Well...Use Oculus games instead. 🙂

Level 3
The tracking says it's still connected, the buttons and wrist movements work fine so can't understand what part of the tracking is causing it. I'm literally on Amazon right now piecing together a new pc I'm laying blame with my 860 1st gen i7 processor....I'm out of ideas what else it could be.

I really wish so many VR games weren't released for Steam VR only had I known this I may have reconsidered the Rift. At this stage every game I wanted to play (Arktika,Doom VFR, Fallout, Wilson's Heart, and Skyrim VR) are all rendered useless through my loss of hands, thank goodness Superhot played flawlessly.

Level 3
For the amount of posts I've now seen Oculus users having issues with Steam VR, and given the dominance of Steam in gaming it should be better known to consider avoiding the Oculus against the Rift, I will submitting my refund request in case anyone else encounters this - 6 months of pain with an immature product could be avoided.

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Hello, welcome to the community forum support. Please note that this is a community ran help section and that we are not Oculus direct support. We can help with some basic fixes and can be a bit faster than Oculus direct support, but advance help might only be available at Oculus direct support. At any time if feel you need more advanced support please feel free to reach out to support by sending a ticket here:

Not that many people are having problems with hands. I play a few steam games no problem. Actually, Oculus is consider the best VR platform over current Steam by a majority of people. Consider the Vive has more problems both with software and real problems with the hardware - the Rift is also consider one of the better headsets for build quality as well. It seems like something isn't working right with Steam in this case yet you blame it on Oculus? Why not see if others are having this problem (considering there are not many post here about it relative to the number of people not having problems) and see what steam has to say as well.

As far as Oculus - you didn't say that the Oculus store isn't working so that tells me its ONLY with Steam something that needs to support the VR headsets - not the other way around. Most of the games you even said are devs that don't support all VR headsets either really well. That means you are just fighting up hill battle and blaming the wrong people because the hill isn't getting shorter. I just bought Wilson's Heart from the Oculus store and it works just fine as well.

It's possible you may have faulty hardware - but without letting us know that the Oculus store doesn't work - its hard to say its the hardware or not when Steam is playing in the middle that could be causing problems over all for you. Steam software isn't the best when it comes to supporting different hardware out there (lots of problems and reports on that). I mean I've only had problems with Steam VR. Never had a problem with Oculus store or games - only ever with Steam VR do I have to scratch my head on why it's not acting right from the sound, mic, tracking, etc. I never have these problems with I am running software from the Oculus store. So from personal experiences - I can safely say it's most likely something wrong with the Steam store than the Oculus one.

The dominance of control isn't on Steam - its actually with Oculus as Oculus controls 2 different markets one for the mobile and one for the PC - Steam only has a store for the PC meaning it's not the dominance of gaming. Actually, Most of the best titles pop up on the Oculus store first then move over to Steam VR.

As far as a refund request - I think you are past overdue even in the UK market.

Level 14
i dont really like steamVR much (on the rift) but it DOES work ok if you buy supported games (DOOM isnt an officially supported game) have you tried running through your steamVR room set up again?, maybe even reposition your sensors and also go through oculus setup again.

Are you using front facing setup or are you trying to do full 360 degree VR with 2 sensors?

failing that, wilsons heard & Arktika 1 are on oculus store so there is that at least.............
Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR 🙂

Level 8
Well all I can say is that my Rift has on the whole worked just fine with Steam VR, even with games that did not at first properly support the Rift.

One thing that comes to my attention in your original post is that you said you've resorted to stopping Oculus Home from starting, presumably whilst you're using Steam VR?

However do you realise that you still need Oculus Home to run, even whilst using Steam VR? That is why Steam VR automatically starts Oculus Home when you start it up. It is necessary to have Oculus Home running to use the Rift regardless of whether you're using Steam VR or a standalone game with built in VR support that has its own launcher like Elite Dangerous or IL2. Oculus Home is what makes your Rift work properly, it has to be running all the time you are using it.

Level 2

I'm having a similar problem. Whenever I launch a SteamVR game on the Rift, my hands will freeze in place and I am unable to move them. However, I can still use the buttons and point/click on things. When I close the SteamVR game, hand tracking comes back to the controllers in SteamVR home and Oculus home. I am looking for a solution to get this to work permanently... I have done it before by launching SteamVR and Oculus normally, but I don't understand why sometimes hand tracking works in SteamVR games and other times it does not.