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Lost Referral Credits in Meta Quest App: Seeking Resolution

Expert Protege

I'm dismayed to report an issue with the Meta Quest app, where $155 of my shopping credits seem to have disappeared. Here's what happened:

I had accumulated $90 in referral credits for device purchases (30*3) and $55 in referral credits for app purchases (11 * 5). Last week, when I attempted to redeem these credits, the app informed me that I needed to spend some of my credits before I could redeem more.

To proceed, I made purchases for Les Mills Dance and cleansheet soccer VR. Initially, the redeem button, which was grayed out, became active after these purchases. However, upon attempting to redeem all my accumulated credits, none of them were credited to my account.

Contacting customer support was equally frustrating. There were no records of my redemptions or any related information in the system. After nearly a week of back-and-forth, the support team has yet to provide a satisfactory explanation for this issue.

What surprises me the most is the absence of any shopping credit records in the Meta backend. There's no trace of my referrals or my redemption attempts.

I hope that an official representative can assist me in clarifying what happened to the credits I attempted to redeem last week and restore the credits rightfully owed to me.


Expert Protege

The Meta support team kept asking me for information about the referees I provided to them, and after I provided all the information they requested, they claimed that they had received everything. However, I actually did not receive any shopping credits at all. The system's redemption button was malfunctioning, and Meta support personnel were unable to provide any records. Are you a scam group? I am very disappointed.

Expert Protege

I really feel like I’m constantly being hassled by Meta Support, always asking me repetitive questions and demanding unreasonable proof, such as screenshots proving whether they accepted and purchased the apps you recommended.

How can I provide something I don’t have to prove that I’ve done it?

Meta has systems, backend data, why keep asking users for evidence?

Once I provide all the information, they start replying about reaching the maximum shopping voucher?

I’m well aware of the maximum of 599 yuan per year, but it’s just the beginning of the year?

Why won’t Meta give me a breakdown to prove how much shopping voucher I’ve lost?

I didn’t realize Meta was so similar to me and the scamming groups, who can actually solve this?

Expert Protege

I'd like to address an issue regarding the sudden disappearance of my shopping credits. Over the past two weeks, there has been a continuous exchange of emails with Meta support, but their responses have been inconsistent. One representative claimed I could only redeem the credits after 14 days, while another requested proof of referrals. After providing the required documents, the next representative asked for screenshots of the referrer's acceptance and purchase of the recommended apps. Moreover, there was mention of a sudden imposition of a yearly fee limit of 599 dollars!

Has Meta turned into a company that only lie? Can they still be considered trustworthy?

The Quest 3 is currently one of the most popular devices, but I've had a terrible experience with Meta's customer support and the Meta Quest app.

Before purchasing, potential buyers should seriously reconsider because when issues arise, there's no guarantee of support!

My recommended shopping credits vanished inexplicably, totaling $145. Contacting customer support for over two weeks hasn't provided clear explanations regarding my credit redemption history. Instead, they've made outrageous demands like requesting "screenshots of other players accepting and purchasing apps you recommended." This is already unreasonable, but even when I provided the requested evidence, they quickly changed their stance, claiming the credits can only be redeemed after 14 days, or imposing a $599 annual credit redemption limit, or requesting a referral list. This cycle repeats endlessly!

The main issue is their refusal to provide a detailed breakdown of my actual shopping credits. Any evidence I provide is dismissed, creating an unfair power dynamic where Meta's word is final.

Today, I won't demand credits that aren't rightfully mine. In this unclear system with numerous app and system issues, when you recommend devices or apps to players, helping Meta sell products, they conceal the profits.

This leads me to believe that Meta is not just an untrustworthy company, but a deceitful one.

Expert Protege

It's been three days already, and I'm wondering how much longer I'll have to wait.

What's amusing is that Quest 3 lowered its price by $100, and META immediately processed refunds of $100 each for customers who had just purchased it.

Yet, my $145 that META stole from me, it's been days and they're still being so petty about it!

Interest should still be calculated on the stolen money!

On another note, it's been two weeks since this incident occurred, I've sent several emails, and now it feels like they're just starting to deal with it?

Expert Protege

Now customer service is saying I didn't provide a list of recommendations and the list of recommended devices, even though I clearly did so before!

It's starting to feel like I'm having the same conversation over and over again, and it's incredibly frustrating.

And now, after finally providing them, they're asking for the user's email address. Seriously, what an unreasonable request! I'm just recommending a game purchase, why would I know the user's email?

Meta, do you really know how your customer service is destroying a user's experience?

Hi there, @MajorAlpha. Whenever we hear that a user has had an experience like yours, we always want to look into everything as in-depth as we can. We certainly understand how you're feeling, and we want to do everything we can to make sure that you get the best assistance we can provide for you. With that being said, due to the information we will need to collect from you to look into this, we ask that you please send us a private message, and we are more than happy to look into this for you. To do so, please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Hello again, @MajorAlpha. We wanted to follow up with you and see if you still need assistance! We will be patiently waiting for your response and hope to get you back on track!

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I have recorded a video of me claiming the shopping voucher. The disappearance of the $15 shopping voucher this time was also caused by a system error in Meta Quest, which is the same reason for the disappearance of my previous $145 shopping voucher. A total of $160 in shopping vouchers has been lost, and I request Meta to address this issue.

Please refer to the YouTube screen capture video below for the footage of the shopping voucher disappearance (I forgot to switch to English interface at that time).

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