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Lots of oculus go games no longer downloading


I have 166 games and about 40 I can no longer download.  They either flash and stop downloading immediately or get 19MB-120MB stage and jam. I have plenty of space and no issues downloading the other games.

This has happened after our account "upgrades" as I've downloaded them all previously. You can argue that the oculus go is older kit but they are still happy to keep selling the games.

I can see from the reviews that everyone is having this issue. Oculus, are you going to fix it?

Games with the issue include (no full list):


Anshar 2


Dark Days Narratie escape room

Adventures of ice cream


Ghosts in a toy box

Temple run

Lamper VR firefly rescue

ZED shot

Mr cat's adventure

The purge day

Hidden temple vr adventure

Prison vr

Romans 360

Faceted Flight

Space maze

Combat vr

Captain 13

Shooting showdown 2

The hunter

Zombie fun

Magic smash

A Lunar adventure

Soul Dimension


Castaways vr

Krypt Crawler

Micromachines VR Racing


Turkey Hunt

Balloon Shooter VR

Bee Invasion 3D



Just found another link with numerous people with exactly same issue and Oculus support are blaming Samsung! That's hilarious. Oculus support, you should be embarrassed responding with answers like that.

Clearly server issues at your end if everyone is having the same issue on multiple devices. A quick look at the latest reviews of the games would clearly show there are download issues.