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META will not connect to Desktop anymore.

I started my Oculus after a fairly long time of not using it. I was able to connect to my desktop and all the other things, as per usual. Then, I got a notification that there was an update from META for my Oculus. After downloading it, and restarting my headset, I was no longer able to connect to my desktop. It reads that there is a connection on my Oculus Program, and that I have it connected by cable. Then, when I go through the process again to tether it so I can bring up my desktop, it send me directly to my "home." NOT my desktop. And what's more, I no longer can use either my controller, or hands for movement. This is NOT a PC issue. My system was working fine until I downloaded the META Software Update.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya jonathan.jarrett. We recognize that you are missing out on VR enjoyment since you can't connect your headset to your PC. We want to take every step possible to remedy this and get you back into VR. To try to fix this, we want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop application. To manually remove all of the Meta files from your computer, please follow these instructions.

  1. Disconnect the Rift/Link cable from the computer.
  2. Disconnect your computer from the internet.
  3. Backup any necessary content.
  4. Reboot into Safe Mode.
  5. Uninstall Oculus PC app using the Control Panel.
  6. Delete all Oculus folders from the following folder:
    • C:\Program Files
  7. Remove any Oculus folders from the following locations:
    • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData
    • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\Local
    • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\LocalLow
    • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\Roaming
    • C:\OculusSetup-DownloadCache
  8. Restart your computer in normal mode.
  9. Reconnect your computer to the internet.
  10. Install Oculus PC app again using the setup tool from our website here.
  11. Reconnect the Rift/Link cable and re-test the headset.

If you try all of things and the issue still doesn't go away, please gather your logs. Please remember not to send your logs to the forums once you have collected them. To gather your Logs, please follow these steps.

  1. Please connect your Oculus device to your computer
  2. Find your Oculus installation directory (Generally this will be located at 'C:\Program Files\Oculus')
  3. Navigate to Support and then oculus-diagnostics
  4. Double-click OculusLogGatherer and wait for an executable to appear
  5. Select Get All Logs
  6. This will create a .zip file on your desktop. Please attach that zip file to your reply

Please open a ticket on our Support Website once you have collected your Logs. Once you've done so, kindly give the agent you connect with your logs. There, you'll be able to receive greater help with this and be re-instated into VR.