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MSFS issue: Appears only as 2D window in a 3D space

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After having set up a new machine and installed MSFS on it, my start into VR with my Oculus Rift (not Rift S) is somewhat difficult. I learnt that MSFS does not switch to VR at all without Oculus being the default OpenXR runtime and activated the respective Oculus setting (there was an issue: The button first did not react, I could solve this by temporarily making the local user account an admin account)


Now, switching to VR works, but see how it looks like:


So, within the headset I see a 3D space, but the sim only in a small 2D window.


I searched for this issue but so far could no find a similar case. I checked the installation recommendations for Oculus here, but the required registry key is properly set and pointing to the correct file in D:\Oculus\Support.

I can add that with my old P3Dv4 on the same machine, the Rift runs very well without any issues.


I also activated the Beta channel in the Oculus settings, but it did not help. And if I want to switch on the Oculus demo mode in which the Oculus library only shows selected apps, it offers only P3D but not MSFS:



So, what is wrong with my installation or settings? I am quite desparate because I do not have an idea how to fix this (maybe installing the OpenXR toolkit or re-installing Oculus software? I can imagine that the issue may be caused by having installed Oculus from a local non-admin account?). Any information on how you have set up your system would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


My specs:

  • i9-12900K 12th generation
  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080TI
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM
  • Windows 10 Pro, build 19044.1889
  • Oculus v
  • Nvidia driver GameReady 516.59

Thanks a lot in advance!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We see how this can seem alarming. The display should definitely be in 3D. This is an interesting issue, and we were excited to help out. We want to start with some basic troubleshooting.



Please, try the steps below:




Let's try these steps first and see if this fixes the issue with your display. Please keep us updated so we can continue to assist. We hope to hear from you soon!





Level 2

Thanks for the quick reply.


I can tell now that the issue got solved! What was missing: Obviously just a reboot after I had activated the Beta channel. 😀 I rebooted the PC by chance, and afterwards all is fine now.


Sometimes solutions are so close but you do not know...

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Today I need to tell: THE ISSUE IS PERSISTING 😥

With the FBW A320 in 3D/VR, I had just completed preflight settings when the sim crashed (hour glass, 3D view frozen, then sim closed). After the crash the sim asked to start in normal or protected mode. I decided for “normal”, but when changing from 2D to VR, the image is again the bad one above.


And this time, a reboot did NOT help!


Good that just yesterday I backed up my NVMEs… But it looks like communication between MSFS and Oculus OpenXR is not stable. I now restore NVMEs from backup, but I in case of another crash I will try repairing the Oculus app as suggested by support above. I will report progress here.