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MSFS2020 Flashes Again

Level 4
As of the latest Rift S update, I am now getting flashes/spikes both visual and audio at the rate of one per three seconds continuously in all aircraft, day and night. The day before, I would get a flash about once per 5 minutes. The sim has become unusable until Oculus addresses this issue.

Level 9
Same here on the Rift CV1

Level 2
Same with Quest 2, i confirm msfs unusable on big cities such as London

Level 3
Agreed.  Some detail about what's wrong. 

It only seems to happen if the Oculus is tracking .... if I take the headset off and it stops tracking (Rift S) the flashes don't appear on the monitor.  If I place my finger so as to fool the headset and start tracking again, the flashes are visible.

It is mainly visible in the cockpit view (which is kind of important).   I can move myself outside of the plane and look back to see what's going on.  When the flashes occur, the whole plane geometry appears to move about 3 metres down for one single frame.  Either that or I'm moving up, hard to tell.

It was an annoyance up until the latest update which I received on the 18th Feb.  Now it's intolerable - much more frequent and intrusive.  

It's a serious seizure risk. 

Level 2
Same here CV1, flashes every few seconds.  Been doing it for a long time but worse with recent update.

Level 3
Add another one: Rift S user.

Level 3
Another here, Rift S... beta enabled, so version 26, unplayable...going back to version 25 where at least it was more than 3 or 4 seconds between flashes

Level 4
Same issue here with a Quest 2 with Link. It was happening like once every 3 min, was annoying but manageable, and since the last Oculus software update, it's every 3 sec and FS is now unplayable, even on a 3090.
And indeed, it is the whole plane (the 3D model) that is moving place for a split second, hence the 'white flashs' because you suddenly see only the sky or part of the plane that it usually white painted.
I don't understand how this can be an Oculus issue but it turns out that only Oculus users are affected by this issue since the beginning. 
And this last update just confirmed that theory. 

Not applicable
Yes same issue here.  It was bad before but now after this last update it has rendered £100 + of software usless.  I have a 3090 and 10700k all other software is fine just MSFS2020.  I can confirm like others that it seems to be the whole aircraft model that is stuttering about and completley dissapearing for a moment.  Precived as white flashing in pilot view and totaly obvious from external view.  I can also report that the VR loading screen just before the flight is irratic as well.

Seems like an Oculus issue to me.  What are you doing about this Facebook!

Level 2

Disabling beta works for me