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MSI 4070 ti

Honored Guest

I’m hoping to get some input about using a MSI GeForce 4070ti with my Quest 2 for use with a link cable for PCVR. 
The GPU support page doesn’t specify whether or not the 4070ti is supported by the Meta software. Any advice or input will be greatly appreciated!



Grand Champion

If it's not on Meta's page then it is not supported. The fastest supported video card today is the RTX 3090 - which is why I'm not upgrading - and I'm not even trying to be funny. 

If you want nearly same speed and full Meta support, try to find a cheap RTX 3080 (Ti) instead. 

Right now it seems Meta is cutting PCVR support for unsupported gpus, earlier these did work with error messages. There have been several users of 3050 (Ti) and GTX 1650 video cards, who earlier could use their cards with error messages, who suddenly no longer can install the Oculus desktop app due to having an unsupported gpu (might still work for users having installed the app long ago). Seems to be a recent change. So beware using unsupported video cards - or know the risk you may be taking. 

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