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Meta Device RMA replacement has been delayed

Expert Protege

I returned my device under an official RMA over two weeks ago. 
It was received and confirmed received 12 days ago now. 

The email that confirmed that said a replacement would be issues within 2-3 working days. 

When it wasn't I spoke to support who said that was an error in the email and it takes 5 working days. 

It is now 12 days. 


I don't know where to turn!!! It's quite frustrating! 


Does anyone know of an escalation route please.


Many thanks for your help. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, ChipTivo!


Having your RMA take longer than expected is definitely a huge hinderance when trying to enjoy the virtual world. That sounds really frustrating and we're here to help. Do you mind private messaging us with your ticket number and issue you're having? So we can then look into things on our end and see if we can help get eyes on your case.


We appreciate your continued patience and we can't wait to get you back gaming!

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I send a PM with the details. Still nothing. 

Any news? 

Any escalation route or contact details for a head office of some sort, or customer service manager etc? 

Did you try talking to them on twitter ? sometimes the response on there is faster.

Rachel FORST

I've tried Live Chat, Voice, What's App support and via PM on here. 
Just keep getting promises that are never met. 3 days, then 5 days, then just another 24 hours please etc... 


Now been over 3 weeks. 


It's shocking for a company this size to be treated this was. I've also asked for escalation routes and not received any, just been asked to be patient.. 

you think they would do more than that. in my case my back up plan is to contact amazon if my replacement doesn't come as soon as planned. 

Rachel FORST

I didn't buy from Amazon, but from a Large Retail chain in the UK called John Lewis. I've spoken to their management team today. The problem is Oculus already have confirmed they have my headset, so they can't do anything at the moment, but they are speaking to their purchasing department about it. They don't want to see their customers disappointed. 

Expert Protege

Still nothing and no further updates. 


Anyone else in the same situation, please contact the consumer rights BBC program in the UK as they have replied to me for further details. Contact address is - if you use Oculus somewhere in the subject they will get to it more urgently. 


I have also now written directly to the CEO of oculus and his team with details from my case for action. Will see how that goes and let you all know. 

Hey there, that sounds really frustrating, we're sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time with the replacement, and there haven't been any changes. We'll check in on your case again to see if there's anything we can do to help speed it up. 

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I've had the same issues too. Oculus have had my headset now for 3 weeks. They've confirmed they've received it but can't locate it. It's gone to the escalation team (a week ago) but still not heard anything.


What's really annoying (along with the lack of updates) is the fact that they said once we receive your headset, we'll send a replacement out within a few days... So, as they've confirmed it arrived, why can't they send my replacement out!


They have my £400 headset and I better have it back before the kids break up for the holidays!


Shocking customer care.


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