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Meta Quest 2 No Access with Facebook Account

Level 2

Hi Guys, 


hope you van help me.

I got a Meta Quest 2 as a present a few days ago. 
When starting it for the First Time, i had to create an Oculus Account. in this Registration Procedure the oculus Account was connected to a Facebook Account. 
Now I am Not able to Open several Profile Settings etc. via Webbrowser. 
when trying to Login, i am being informed that My oculus Account was migrated to a Facebook Account. But when I try to Login into Facebook, no Account Exists under the Mailadress. 
In my Point of view. My oculus Account was linked to an old Facebook Account that was already delted several years ago.
What i don‘t get, is why it was possible to be Linked to an already dead Account and now no Access is possible. 
i Tried to Login via oculus, tried to Login via Facebook. Tried to reset Passwort via oculus Login and Facebook Login without success. 
tried to Change Mailadresse in oculus App. Change of mailadress was possible. But still no Login via oculus or Facebook. 
Does anybody know how to solve the Problem? 
thanks and best Regards 




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We see you're having a few issues logging in to your account. No worries, we'll be happy to help with that. Your gametime is very important to us!


First, please log out of Facebook in all browsers (PC, headset, phone, etc.). Using your Facebook account to log into Oculus, please use your phone number and your password.


Let us know if this helps!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there. We're following up with you to see if you were able to login. Please let us know if you still need our assistance!