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Meta Quest 2 Not Casting to Vizio Smart TV with built in Chromecast

Level 2

I have the Meta quest 2 and a vizio smart TV with chrome cast built in. I can cast my vr to my phone no problem. It can see my TV no problem but when I try to cast to my TV it keeps saying there was an an error and your streaming has stopped. All devices (the meta, the phone and tv) are all connected to my home wifi. I can't figure out how to get it to cast to this TV.

Any suggestions?  Thanks



Level 3

I have the exact same problem casting to a chromecast dongle.  I can cast to a windows PC with no problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @sam.476455. We understand that you're having trouble with Chromecast. We'd love to assist you with this. 


Let's try these general troubleshooting steps


  • Restart your headset, phone and your casting device.
  • Check for software updates on your headset, phone and your casting device.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router.

To troubleshoot your Chromecast device, visit Google's Chromecast Help page.


Please let us know if this issue persists. 

Level 3

Only thing I have found down my rabbit hole...

Someone suggested getting an external Chromecast dongle. Possibly it won't cast to newer TV's or in 4k versions. Kind of makes sense because quest 2 is a bit older. 

I haven't tried it. Probably won't either. I have spent more than enough on this product with no resolve from the company. 

We have all done these steps countless times. 

Come up with an actual solution and turn off your bots, they do not help!

Is you unit charged and turned on?

Is it plug in?

Come on! Real troubleshooting is the system is outdated and needs resolve! Update it to work with modern Chromecast versions. You can send out an overclock software update to fix glitchy games.... Well now.

You troubleshoot it with Google, y'all partnered with them and other companies to create this vr experience. Let's take some initiative and lend a hand to your followers; it's just good business. Or we the people can bad mouth it all and bankrupt your companies


  • None of this is helpful 

I have the oldest original chromecast dongle and it doesn't work there either.  So the problem is with all chromecasts, not just new ones and TVs.

Level 2

I ended up buying a Chrome cast with network for a solution.  I had tried without the ethernet option and it was painfully jittery and slow.  I found a second hand with ethernet.  It still has nearly a one-second delay which sucks, but I am able to cast again.  Does let you turn down the volume a bit and share with friends.  Still not sure why they can't improve upon this.