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Meta Quest 2 Not Casting to Vizio Smart TV with built in Chromecast

Level 2

I have the Meta quest 2 and a vizio smart TV with chrome cast built in. I can cast my vr to my phone no problem. It can see my TV no problem but when I try to cast to my TV it keeps saying there was an an error and your streaming has stopped. All devices (the meta, the phone and tv) are all connected to my home wifi. I can't figure out how to get it to cast to this TV.

Any suggestions?  Thanks



a Chrome cast with network

Does that mean you have a dedicated network box?  Kind of an extreme solution.

Level 2

I also have this same issue, the Vizio would start to “cast” then just show a black screen on the TV.  

Workaround if you in dire need, is to cast to your Meta App, then Airplay to the Vizio. This is a temporary solution if you aren’t able to buy a chrome cast separately.  Another method is to stream to the laptop then cast it in chrome to the TV.  

VIZIO needs to fix this would be nice.. As I would like to share my experience with others and have them see the same with little to no Lag.