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Meta Quest 3 Persistent Hardware Failures

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We purchased our first VR product, Meta Quest 3 in December for XMAS.  My wife and are in our early 50's.  Originally it was a gift for the family but the kids never use it.  

I work in video game development so I know a few things about console hardware and software.

As it stands today, we are now waiting for our 5th head set replacement!  The number is quite shocking, customer service knows us very well by now and has filled our Meta Cash account with multiple credits.

The primary app we use is Supernatural.  And few fighting and meditation apps for fun.  

Unit 1:  Had this for approx. 2 months.  The unit lost hand tracking and then got stuck in the some strange bluish-white upside down environment.  Customer service asked us to reset to factory default.  Did not solve the issue.  Customer service thought it was a controller problem.  A new controller was sent to us but it didn't solve the problem.  They finally agreed to replace the head unit. 

Unit 2:  Purchased a new MQ3 kit while Device 1 was out of commission.  We thought we could have 2 VR's in the house so the kids can use it.  Lost hand tracking in 1 week.  Wouldn't reboot and got stuck in the DOS boot screen.  Returned to store for full credit.

Unit 3:  RMA replacement of Unit 1.  Would not boot after a few days of use... Meta symbol spinning endlessly.  Customer service gave us a new RMA for replacement.

Unit 4:  Received about a week ago.  Left speaker was blown out of the box... all we could hear was crackling sounds.  Contacted customer service.  New RMA issued.  Waiting for replacement maybe tomorrow. 

Unit 5:  Who knows??  Hopefully this will end our problems with this hardware but we are not optimistic.  Again we are not kids being hard with our device.  We use it in a large well lit room mainly for fitness (which we love!).  

We have never experienced so many repeated problems with any console.  We have been dealing with this for several months now... our experience so far has been very poor.


Vancouver, CA




Heroic Explorer

Kinda makes you wonder how much testing the returned units go through before they become "reconditioned" candidates for shipping out to someone else.

Honored Guest

Unit 5:  Getting replaced!  LOL.  Lost Hand tracking today.  Factory reset giving us a black screen.  I just can't believe how bad these devices are.  Critical system bugs need to be fixed!

Honored Guest

Unit 6:  We had this for a little over a week.  Again, Handing Tracking lost.  And again, factory reset giving us a blank screen.  Customer service can't help us any more... moved us on to their specialized customer service team.  This is unbelievable!

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