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Meta Quest 3 has terrible graphics quality.

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Hello everyone.
I received the Meta Quest 3 headset on October 12th.
Launched, updated the software.
And I started playing games while connected via Oculus Link to my laptop.
On October 12, 13, everything was just great. Half Life Alyx has a fantastic level of graphics, a stable frame rate, there was not a single glitch.
This morning I picked up the helmet again and noticed that the image quality had become terrible. Even in the lobby menu, it's terrible.
There is no clarity of the image, the effect of a ladder and ripples is especially noticeable on the lines.
I launched the same Half Life ALyx, and it was a terrible soap. Worse than in Quest 2.
Also, while playing Blade and Sorcery, I noticed that the frame rate dropped. Although in the settings it is worth "raising the frame rate to 120 so that where possible".
Changing the settings of the frame rate, screen resolution in the Meta-application did not give results.
Resetting to factory settings via the Meta application also did not give results.
Resetting to factory settings by pressing the off key and adjusting the volume on the helmet then also did not give results, the image is still of poor quality.
The lenses are clean, there are no stains.
I attach 2 screenshots, but I can assure you that the quality in the screenshots is better than what I actually see.
In fact, the reflection in the mirror and the palm tree look much worse than in the screenshots, they are very blurred and pixelated.






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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support


Hey everyone! I wanted to pop by on this thread about the graphics quality of the Quest 3 devices. I completely get wanting to get a clear view of what you're seeing on your headset. I recommend reporting this issue so that our engineers can be able to look into it further. The more information from other users, the better they'll be able to determine how to fix this issue.

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Are you sure the ipd wheel is still in the right position for you?

@kojack  posted that it sometimes turn itself when the headset is moved.

This might cause a blurry sight.


I wonder if you have accidentally applied the power save settings 🤔

Head on over to your settings menu and double check

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Some Quest 3 are running on a lower Gpu clockrate (500mhz vs 599mhz)


We found this out while playing Dungeons of Eternity. When we put the Quest 3 Enhanced Visuals on, the game runs in Slowmotion..


After a Chat with the Developers abd running OVRMetrics, we found out the problem is some Quest 3 are running at a lower 500mhz (gpu).


Abd this affects not only the game, it runs at 500mhz all the time.. Quest Home/ other Games.


If you have this Problem, too, please let Meta know about it, so they can Fix it



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Do you fix?

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I have the same problem, Meta can help us?

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My Meta quest 3 arrived yesterday and as soon as i put it on, the first thing i noticed was the grainy pixel in the background of my surrounding, similar to the two images above. I thought maybe i didn't properly set it up yet but then as I've completed all the instructions, the quality of what I'm seeing in the VR headset remains the same.



I experience this as well, but with a some sort of vignette/tunnel. Within the tunnel, the graphics are sharp and clear. But outside the tunnel the graphics are blurry, as if it is not rendered. You can see in the attached images (Call of the Sea VR) that beneath the red line, everything is sharp, but above the red line everything is blurry.

I encounter this in various Quest 2 games. Meta said that all games would be sharper/clearer because of the auto-rendering on Quest 3. But I paid € 700 now for a Quest 3 what should be an upgrade of Quest 2 but all Quest 2 games look like sh*t now. It's ruining the experience for me.

I already notified Meta about it, they said they need more time to investigate and will come with a reply soon. That was 2 weeks ago.


Hi I'm having this same problem you're having, the top half of the screen is really bad and pixelated.

Did you fix it in the end?

No I’m still waiting for a reply from Meta.
but they did acknowledged that it’s not how it’s supposes to look like.
Maybe if you file this issue too, they’re willing to fix it sooner?

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