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Meta Quest Pro Controller Tracking Issue

Hello. First of all, I apologize for asking through a translator.
I'm using a meta quest pro, I've already been swapped for a new product more than 3 times and these issues have persisted, so I'd like to hear a similar case to mine or a developer's opinion.
Even though the Quest Pro body is functioning normally, there is a bug that causes controller tracking to deviate if the left controller or right controller temporarily falls out of view, especially if it goes back to its place, and I found that it stayed in the wrong tracking position for a certain amount of time.
After testing several times, I think this is not a problem with the Quest Pro device, but with the sleep mode of the controller itself. I don't know why I put these functions in, and there is no control over sleep mode, and I would like to officially say that it is a software problem for the problem of tracking being out of order even though it is a very short time.
In order to solve this problem, it would be very helpful to solve it by increasing the delay if there is a sleep mode, or to make it possible to set the sleep mode in the software. If there is a case similar to mine, or I would like to hear from the developer.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @AC110! We are saddened to hear of the issues you have been experiencing with your Quest Pro Controllers. We know how much this can affect your VR experience, and we want to assure you that we want to help look into this further for you. Since you mentioned that you are using a translator, we would like to confirm some information to ensure we are on the same page.

Please answer the following:

  • What troubleshooting steps have you already attempted this time around for this set of controllers?
  • Can you elaborate a little more on what is happening with the controllers' tracking when it falls out of view?
    • If you move the controller or push a button, does the response time lag?
  • Are you using any third-party accessories on your controllers?
  • Can you see any lights on your controller(s) that are on (blinking or solid)?

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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Hello, I am answering your inquiry.
1. All of the action items were carried out in Meta Quest (it is only temporary action such as re-pairing the controller, wipe the lens, and turn it on and off)
2. If the controller suddenly disappears from my view (in real life, but disappears in virtual space), by the way, triggers and buttons work normally, but only one move is impossible. The response time is the same as when there is no problem.
3. Accessories are not installed.
4. If a problem occurs, the white blinking remains the same. It's literally an indication that it's activated normally.

I thought it was only a problem in PCVR state, but the same problem is occurring even in Oculus state. This needs to be resolved quickly.

Hey again, @AC110! We know some other users have been able to extend the time before their controllers exhibit this behavior by enabling Hand Tracking, however the behavior you are seeing is tied to the design to help extend the battery life. We know you're not the only user who has had some struggles with this feature, and we've directed them to post over in the Ideas forums so the engineers can see that people would like to see this changed. They look closely at that space when designing new features and fixes, so it's the best place to get your voice heard!

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First of all, it's good news to me that I'm talking to an engineer. I don't use hand tracking and it's disabled. And I'm guessing the issue is that the controller goes to sleep alone even though the Meta Quest Pro headset is alive normally.

That's why if you make it possible to set the controller sleep criteria during a soft update or bug improvement, or if you extend the sleep time, I expect it to be solved immediately. There's no problem while using the controller. However, the problem is that if you're away from the headset camera view even for a very short time, you'll be in sleep mode at your disposal. This is confirmed to have been applied in the same way as Quest 2 and Quest 3 (a mode that automatically slips when you put it down), but the exclusive controller of Quest Pro seems to need a separate setting.

I don't know if it will be resolved in this V62, and especially if you change it to 2.4Ghz, which was uploaded as an alternative by other community users before, I think it's also not credible.

Hey again @AC110! While we at MetaQuestSupport, are not the direct engineers, they do check the ideas forums for trends and suggestions to continually improve our products.

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I have this issue too, the controllers cannot work in the same low light level as the headset (Quest pro) and often need to over expose my room to get them to track. Hand Tracking works better in low light that the controllers sometimes but covering the controller cameras and uncovering gets them to recalibrate to the right spot 99% of the time until the left or right drifts again. The left controller cannot operate in the same low light as my right and both are worse than the headset. And it has been like this since they were unboxed (first hand) with no accessories attached, just wish I could pair Quest 2 controllers or Touch Plus controllers to the quest pro instead since the Pro controllers are borderline unusable sometimes. Using the stylus with these tracking issues is not okay.

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This isn't an idea. It's a mechanical glitch and a fatal flaw in the meta system. Instead of developing Meta Quest Pro 2, you have to solve the fundamental problem of Meta Quest Pro 1 to create Pro 2.

Hey there, @AspenJag! We don't want controller tracking issues to get in the way of you enjoying VR! You're going to want to make sure your play space is well lit, enough for you to see clearly but not in direct sunlight. Also, make sure the area is free of any reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or glass. What can also help is cleaning your tracking cameras with a dry microfiber cloth. Please let us know if this helps you out; if you're still having some issues, please let us know, as we're happy to help!

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Unfortunately, it's strange that one element causes the problem, and I use it to cover all reflections completely. I just received 3 right controller heating events, and there were several issues, such as left controller deviation, tracking range malfunction, etc. Meta counselors say they'll exchange it unconditionally, but seriously, I think that's the technical support Meta wants. Meta Quest Pro is more expensive than Quest 3, and its name is Pro. I'm curious about the meta technology that I completed after 22 years and I still haven't solved controller tracking in those 2 years. Please don't keep asking about the environment and solve the underlying software issues.

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