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Meta Quest Pro has a yellowish / brown haze in top right corner of display


This is in addition to the dimming we see all around the edges, which doesn't bother me to much, but this brown haze is really distracting - especially in dark settings. It's also present in the top left, but no where near as noticeable. I'm sure there's a software fix coming, just wondering if anyone else has seen this or it's just me... 


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hi everyone!


Thank you for sharing your experiences! 


A peripheral yellow glowing light can be a pretty common phenomenon for LCD displays, and is most visible under a low light environment, especially when looking at high visual contrast content. Ensuring a correct fit when wearing the headset may also reduce the peripheral yellow glowing. You can adjust the fit of your headset by using the fit wheels at the top and back of the headset. Ensuring a correct fit when wearing the headset may also reduce the peripheral yellow glowing.

Adjusting the Headset Fit
Safely place your headset on your head and turn the rear fit wheel to tighten and loosen your Quest device until the headset fits comfortably and securely around your head. You can also adjust the tilt wheel at the top of the headset, as well as the IPD, or distance between your eyes, by sliding the tilt wheel to the right or left.

If you enable it, your Meta Quest device will guide you through this process to help ensure an optimal fit. You can enable our headset fit adjustment feature by navigating to Settings in VR, selecting Display, and then Fit adjustment. Toggle Fit adjustment on to enable it. You can disable fit adjustment at any time by toggling the feature off in Settings.

If you continue to notice the issue after adjusting the headset, please let us know the following details: 

  1. Can you share an image of what you’re seeing on your end? 
  2. Are you seeing the issue in a particular app? 
  3. Are you using light blockers? 
  4. Are you in a well-lit room?
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It’s not just you. I have this issue too, as do a bunch of people over on Reddit. Meta is issuing returns, but I’m worried the replacements will have the same problem. No official statement has been issued but this looks like a widespread issue.


Thanks Slade. That's good to know. Can you tell me which subreddit  you saw this on? Can you post a link? 




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Seems like I have a similar issue.  Yellowish hue that covers the top right of the right lens and a bit on the left side of the left lens. I feel like it maybe more of a hardware issue rather than a software one.


As far as I'm aware this is a phenomenon known as "IPS Glow" and it's a downside to the type of panels they're using for the displays (I don't actually know for sure they're using IPS, but it certainly looks more like IPS glow than backlight bleed)


You'll typically only see it when in more dimly lit scenes. It's mostly a hardware issue but it's usually also affected somewhat by how dark your viewing environment is (less light = more obvious) and viewing angle/distance as well (some users have said it's significantly reduced for them when wearing the headset in downward tilted fashion which bring their eyes closer to the display, though is questionable in terms of comfort)


I can ignore some around the edges (though I'd rather have none obviously) but I'm sending my HMD in for a replacement as it unfortunately has a glow in the right eye that encroaches far enough into my vision that it makes it genuinely uncomfortable when playing something with a dark atmosphere.

Playing Afflicted: The manor feels like I'm getting a cataract and even Red Matter 2 which uses local dimming to stop this being an issue in places with full darkness still has a lot of dimly lit places that left my poor right eye feeling a bit strained by the end of a play session.

It took me standing in the entry path to the afflicted manor closing one eye and looking with the other to work out what exactly was making it so unbearable 😛


As for how effective returns are... I don't know much about IPS Glow variance across units as this is the first device I've owned with IPS panels so I'm crossing my fingers and gambling at this point 😮


If you ever want to test a headset for this without buying specific games (old games in dark environments like Afflicted are great for this though), you can just go to in your headset browser, set it to VR and stare into the inky void for a bit. I find the glow takes a couple of seconds to become noticeable, though it'll depend how bad your glow is, I guess.

I was thinking the same thing, that it was probably lens-related.

It's nice to finally have some sort of acknowledgement of this issue. Meta Support on Twitter has been ignoring my tweets. It does seem like a lot of people are having this issue.

Thanks for the information. A user on Reddit had been discussing IPS Glow vs Backlight Bleed as well, and both terms were new to me. It's strange that the issue seems to be worse on the right than the left (it is for me as well), and seems to get worse the longer the screen is dark.


On Red Matter 2, I don't see the issue much, just barely, with the exception of the title screen which shows it more prominently. It's pretty bad in Vader Immortal. 😞

Haha, yeah, I've been learning about these two phenomenon myself as well almost entirely thanks to my quest pro XD  Was hoping it'd be something that could be fixed via software (like if they implemented per pixel backlight dimming) or that I could somehow fix myself but ultimately concluded it was a hardware thing and outside of the room lighting / angling stuff I mentioned there seems little recourse outside of getting a replacement headset and hoping the glow on that one isn't as severe 😮


I agree though, it is odd that almost everyone who has mentioned it and made a point of one of their lens being worse than the other almost universally so far seems to be indicating the right eye. It could just be that I've not seen the posts by people struggling with the left one though, I guess?


Funny thing is, I honestly didn't even see it for the first few days I owned the headset, just because all the games I played were fairly bright or mixed reality (puzzling places, demeo in pass-through, etc) It was only when I finally went into something genuinely full-screen dark that it hit me. At first I thought I'd somehow managed to steam up the lenses until I realized wiping it with the cloth wasn't helping.


It's funny because it's the super dark games that were somewhat infamous for highlighting the greyish blacks and lack of contrast in the quest 2 like vader and afflicted that also end up showing the IPS glow issues the most on the pro 😮  That said, I hear the night maps on golf+ can be almost unplayable due to it too for some folk.

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