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Meta Quest Remote Desktop - Workaround [SOLUTION]

Honored Guest

Dear Community Members,


I'd like to introduce you to an alternative method for sharing your monitor screen in virtual reality.

While the default screen-sharing feature, known as Remote Desktop by Meta, is available, it has been associated with several challenges that can impact the user experience and user interface. Some of the common issues include:

- Frequent Facebook login prompts (requiring authentication every 15 seconds).
- Incompatibility even with high-end graphics cards.
- Display issues due to varying screen sizes.

With that in mind, I'd like to present an alternative solution that is both efficient and cost-free: the Immersed app on Oculus Quest.

Here's how to get started:

1. Download the official desktop version from the Immersed website and install it on your computer.
2. Install the Immersed app on your Oculus Quest.
3. Create an Immersed account to sync your computer with your Oculus Quest.


Helpful Tips:
- For optimal performance, connect both devices using a 5GHz network. If this isn't feasible, you can connect your computer to a 2.4GHz network and your Oculus Quest to a 5GHz network.
- If your computer doesn't support a 5GHz connection, consider connecting it directly to the router via a cable for improved screen streaming.
- Ensure that any remote access or VPN software, such as TeamViewer, Tailscale, OpenVPN, or Tor, is uninstalled to avoid conflicts.
- Follow the setup instructions provided by Immersed, including obtaining a pairing code and connecting your devices.

Additionally, Immersed offers a "Portal Passthrough" feature that allows you to use your physical keyboard within the app. Although the keyboard won't display in color, it can assist you in typing while looking at your keyboard.

Don't forget to explore Immersed's tutorial to familiarize yourself with all its features and functionalities.

In summary, Immersed offers a free, user-friendly, and effective solution for sharing your monitor screen in VR.


If you have any problems, please answer this topic and I will be glad to assist you!

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Used Immersed a couple of times - pretty good on a Quest Pro so I assume it's very good on the Quest 3.  Almost bought some of their glasses when they were announced but stopped myself.

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3


Was great, just went to unusable for all with more than -1- physical display.

Hello @mahi1030,


I'm glad to hear that it worked well initially instead of the official sharing screen in VR proposed by Meta.


I'd like to add that if you want more than one virtual screen in your VR, you'll have to buy the premium version of Immersed. You don’t need multiple physical monitors to achieve multiple virtual screens in VR; it just doesn’t work like that. Let the Immersed desktop app create as many virtual screens as you'd like in VR, but keep in mind that it will require more GPU processing for a good user experience.

I'm here to assist you, from a fellow Quest 2 user to a Quest customer.

Best regards,


Thx. for replying.

Maybe you don't know about the latest update of Immerseds client, rolled out these days.

That version refuses to work on PCs with more than -1- physical monitor, and that change is intentional, 

So, if you want to use Immersed on a workstation with more than 1 phys. monitor, you have to disconnect all but one.


Reg. GPU I'm pretty sure a Quadro RTX A5000 in a system with an i9-K12900 is fair enough to do the job.

Of course I'm seare you don't NEED more phys. displays. But it's hard to understand why you are not ALLOWED to have more than one.


I'm very sure it's a wrong strategy to go for users with the main argument of MANY virtual displays - but only those using only ONE physical, locking out those with more than one.


I can definitly not agree to all the issues you name reg. workrooms, which runs absolutely stable on my PC, missing only higher resolutions and more flexible positioning of v.displsys. Lets see - free positiong feature is announced for the next release of Metas workrooms.



Hello again @mahi1030,

As I can understand, you can just unplug all other physical monitor and avoid stress graphic card processing, having in mind that creating an additional virtual screen it’s the same GPU processing to have another physical monitor connected.

The reason I can speculate is to reduce GPU processing - that’s reasonable - and it will work fine for most of users.

If you have an expensive graphic card that can handle easily 5 physical monitor and you are looking for an update or function to add in Immersed app you could write them directly by email.

If I am not wrong, you have two free virtual screen and with premium subscription that it’s cheap you can add more virtual screen with higher resolution - doesn’t make sense to mirror you screen in VR and in the same time into you physical monitor, as I said I will stress you GPU card.


Thank you for sharing you concerns and review using the Immersed app. I think it is better than using one that is useless.


Best regards,


Honored Guest

Why does Immersed modify my monitor settings while the program is in use.  the monitors that i view in the headset are fine in the headset, but on my actual computer, the settings have changed and the resolution is unusable. 

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