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Meta Quest Remote Desktop for Macbook Pro 2019 seems to be stuck on main screen ever after Login

Level 3

Remote Desktop on macbook pro 2019 seems to be stuck on main screen.


This seems to be stuck here, ever after successful login. Any ideas ?

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 11.51.50 AM.png



Level 3

The same problem with sound on Macbook 12 (Intel).

Level 3

System Preferences - Sound - Output: select Internal Speakers, mute and unmute it. Helped for me.

Level 5

@zpostbox  Thanks for this tip, I'll keep this in mind if we see others having this problem!  

Every time I use Meta Quest Remote Desktop I have the same problem with sound. It switches Internal Speakers to Virtual Desktop Speakers and leaves it like that even after exiting Meta Quest Remote Desktop with no sound on Macbook. I have to switch it back manually to Internal Speakers each time to get sound.

Level 4

I'm having this same issue. are you kidding Meta? fix it!

Hello, @BnuuyDoot We recognize that you might find this to be a headache. We want to be able to provide our consumers the widest range of experiences. But as it turns out, we are attempting to set up the Quest on a Macbook that is incompatible. You can look at the specifications for PCVR compatibility on our website here. If you have any questions or concerns please reach back out to us for support. 

What are you even talking about??? For one the link you provide is about the quest link. NOT the workrooms desktop mac app. Second, yes my MAC PRO NOT MACBOOK, I never mentioned I was using a MacBook, is completely compatible with the workrooms mac app. You people are absolutely USELESS. You’re quick to blame the user I stead of yourselves.

No worries, we can still try and help!

  • Are your drivers and graphics card up to date? If you're not sure, here is a link on how to do that!
  • Also, when you are trying to download the application are you getting the stuck at the same message that op posted ? 
  • If there is another error can you post a screenshot? 

Please let us know any information to help solve out the issue. We're here to help!

Level 5

@MetaQuestSupport I really hope you can get the relevant teams to respond here after all this time -- there's an ongoing issue and the Workrooms and Meta Quest Remote Desktop teams should be involved in this conversation for sure!


As @BnuuyDoot  shared your response here is not aligned with the problems being reported -- one of the main reasons there's an ongoing frustration with the Meta Quest Remote Desktop releases is that consistently Mac users are having issues but the Meta Quest Remote Desktop clearly outlines support for both Apple Silicon and Intel Processors.  We are now seeing some issues with Mac intel-based and Windows users but without any insight from the support team on what could be causing these ongoing issues. 

Here's the correct link for downloads and info on support:

I'll try again to escalate this to the correct team but your help in doing that would be appreciated!  I can confirm we've got multiple users with the login screen issue in the Horizon Workrooms Community

@MetaQuestSupport There is a whole thread here of the same issue --- FYI -- screenshots included. If you want help understanding it feel free to DM me and we can setup a time to discuss.   Let's get these community members some help!