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Meta Quest update button not doing anything - PTC V66


Im on ptc v66 and I got the update for the official rollout of v66. When I click update the download progress pops up for a second and goes away. The button to update is greyed out and stuck “updating…” I’ve let it sit for quite a while. Reset several times and nothing. If you leave update and go back it has the option to update now again. Resets do nothing 

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I have the same issue, I did a factory reset and that doesn't help, the issue remains. When you press update it seems to glitch briefly and then it shows installing but is not doing anything. If you leave the page and come back the update button switched back from updating to update.

after checking on the glitch it shows briefly "Software update 83,37 kb/7,61 MB" anbd then it goes to updating.. and nothing happens


Same to me. The update didn´t start.

yup, that's the exact same issue. Guess we are just stuck waiting longer. This whole staged rollout of updates is for the birds. 

Hello everyone! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have made our engineering team aware of this, and they are currently looking into it. As we speak, keep in mind that PTC is a software early access program for the Meta Quest version. You can have early access to the unreleased software version before it is made available to the general public by signing up. In other words it's still in "testing" If anyone has additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help! 

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Thank you for the reply, we’re all just excited to have the new features. The team has been killing it lately and we’re a pretty enthusiastic user base. Keep up the good work! Loving everything so far. 

No problem, @remix826! We're as excited as well, and we really appreciate the kindness and understanding regarding PTC V66! 

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I am not using the PTC and am still having this issue.

Same case, I am not using PTC and now my device is in infinite loop of updating 😕

I brought this issue up in the other thread but I didn't see that people were having issues with the PTC.

I am having the same issue with the latest update but I am not using the PTC. There are other people having the same issue so I started a new thread.

Namely, the problem is my Quest 3 says that the new update is available but when I hit the, "Update Now", button it is not installing. It flashes some text quickly that shows download progress but that text is soon replaced by, "Software Update v66 Available." When I navigate away from that page and back the, "Update Now," is then reset as if I had never pushed it. I have tried restarting the headset but the problem persists.

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