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Meta Quest update button not doing anything - PTC V66


Im on ptc v66 and I got the update for the official rollout of v66. When I click update the download progress pops up for a second and goes away. The button to update is greyed out and stuck “updating…” I’ve let it sit for quite a while. Reset several times and nothing. If you leave update and go back it has the option to update now again. Resets do nothing 

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How do you update?

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  1. Version: 65,0,0,546,341,596219110

Runtime Version:  65,0,0,548,344,596219384

System Version: 49941090063600510.


Holding the power button and pressing power off with "update before powering off" checked. Update in progress screen comes up but doesnt do anything after 30 minutes. I can cancel and continue to use Quest 3 headset.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hi everyone! 👋 I hope you're all doing well. I have some great news to share from our Internal team. It seems that the issue has been resolved! Now, to get things back on track, it would be recommended to reboot your headset. You can find the step-by-step instructions on how to do it successfully at this link here. It's super helpful and will guide you through the process smoothly. If you're still facing any problems, shoot a private message to @MetaQuestSupport. They'll be more than happy to help and take a closer look into the matter for you.

Don't worry be happy.

Yeah same as me. Since v65 its been this way. I updated to v66 but the passthrough is same as v65. Something must be wrong. The newest feature; background audio works good tho so the update did something. 

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Muy buenas tardes, el miércoles me saltó la actualización V66 con un peso de 1.21gb. Pero con todos los problemas que he leído no actualicé. Hoy enciendo las Quest 3 y me sale una actualización de 7,61 mb. Debo actualizar? Actualmente estoy en la V66 PTC y la versión que tengo es V

Lo dicho, debo actualizar?


good news, I got my quest3 updated to v66 today. i was struggled to updated few days ago, it failed to download all the time. Suddenly it worked today,! I ignored the update and went straight to play games on my headset, I had my external battery plugged in during the time i was playing the game. After 1 hour, i went back to check the system update tab, it magically downloaded the fireware and ask me to reboot.


Yep, after I updated my device to V66, i found passthrough is still distored by hands visibly the distoration is not improved as stated. 

When I got my stuck in the update screen I managed to get it working it too and installed the v66 update, but the distoration it still happens too, but after a time I got a new update again (still v66) and the distoration is very better now, I think we have 2 v66 builds, one of then just a hotfix for who had the bricked device.

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I got my device updated to V66 today, i urgently wanted to check out the new passthrough effect, but it was very dissappointing. nothing seems to be changed or to be improved. distroation is still very obivious. and i turned on the new wrist button feature in experimemt tab, it doesn't work as well.

There are two V66 builid, i might try to check out later. Could you tell me your system build no?

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