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Meta Remote Desktop Memory Overflow (>10GB RAM usage)

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memory overflow.png

I have an instance where I was using my computer normally on my college campus taking notes in google chrome, when all of a sudden Google Chrome crashed and I realized Meta Quest Remote Desktop, which I had quit from the system tray hours earlier, was experiencing some insane memory overflow. It was killed in the system tray and no windows were open. It went over 10 GB of memory usage, bringing every other app to a standstill. I would have investigated further, but my machine was barely running anymore and I was in the middle of lecture, so I kind of needed to take notes.

It crashed chrome and I took note of it at 10:24AM. I had pulled an all-nighter and spent a little bit of time in Remote Desktop around 2AM, but I also killed the program and restarted my computer around 7AM. As usual, when starting up, I killed all startup apps including Meta Quest Remote Desktop, and my system tray was empty apart from some radeon graphical software and windows defender.

No idea what happened, literally almost crashed my machine. I attached an image from task manager, but it may not be appearing correctly.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey hey, @daniel-dean! We see you are having issues with your memory, we know how much this can hinder your laptop performance. So that we can get this resolved for you, please use this link here to reach out to our amazing support team with your logs. The instructions on how to gather your logs can be found here.

Appreciate the response, but the program above is Meta Remote Desktop, not the Oculus App which was not running at the time of the incident.