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Meta and Oculus Accounts

Honored Guest

So I got my Oculus Quest 2 about 2 years ago, and everything was smooth sailing until Zuck introduced Meta Accounts, so I tried in January of this year to hook up my accounts (Meta/Facebook) to my computer to record games or whatever, and when I did, something happened to where my Meta account email was duplicated and given to another Facebook account under the same email address.

Basically, I don't have any way of logging in to my oculus account from any device, and all my hundreds of dollars I have spent on games the past 2 years is locked to only my 1 headset, and I tried contacting Meta about this issue, but they obviously needed information about it that I couldn't give, because I couldn't access any account info from the headset itself, so I gave up and now am asking whoever thinks they know the solution.

If someone finds a way to figure it out, you will be my favorite person. and I'll give u a high five or smth.