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Meta providing no support for customers with unusable paperweight refurbs


It has been reported for several weeks now that Meta is shipping unusable Quest 2 replacements to customers that they know do not work.


The issue that customers are experiencing is that they are stuck at the Controller Pairing screen of their headset, with no way to connect the controllers to the headset or connect the headset to the Meta Quest app.


Meta's only advice to customers is to wait for their engineering team to fix it, but they have not given a timeframe on when that fix will come. It has been over 2 weeks since they first said that the issue is "being looked into" and they have given no further updates since.


I think this is unacceptable customer service.


Meta needs to either ship everybody experiencing this issue a brand new Quest 2 with the latest firmware, or upload a firmware update file to an official Meta channel for people to sideload the update themselves. 


Accepted Solutions

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone, got a fresh fix for anyone still unable to pair their controllers. Try these steps and let us know if it worked or not. Thanks in advance!


The steps for users are:

1. Open the Meta Quest app on your iOS or Android device. Wait about a minute while a background update is automatically applied.

2. Close the Meta Quest app.

3. Factory reset your headset.

4. Try to pair your controllers and headset as new.

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@Ryanality I have been pleading with Meta support to help me with this for weeks, and they are unable to do anything.

Could this be looked into urgently please? 

Retired Support

Hi @CosmicRatio, I hope you don't mind, but I pulled up your ticket and I'll be making sure it's in the right hands. I've also escalated up the issue that the other threads have reported regarding the software pairing issue to make sure it's getting the attention it needs. Thanks for flagging this to me.

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Hi @Ryanality. Thank you so much for picking this up and passing it along to the right people.


No problem, hope it helps resolve the wider issue.


I’m two weeks into this as well. Support is super friendly but has provided no answers, just the usual platitudes and ‘we’ll let you know’, this is nuts. 

A blocker like this should get priority,  They must be too busy working on the new model. 😕


I've asked them to do the same thing show us how to either force a update or send us new devices...  This is completely unacceptable as much money as these devices cost

I wish I could get someone actually support to help me we’ve been trying to load videos to our channel on oculus TV but for the last couple months they’ve been stuck in Draft mode all someone hast to do is hit the publish button but no matter how many tickets they open nothing has ever been accomplished


I am experiencing this problem as well, I initially had a power problem because my Oculus 2 would only charge to 50%. They told me to send my headset in for a replacement. The replacement will not even pair or recognize controllers, telling you that a software update is necessary without giving you the means to do so. I have talked to customer service several times and performed several factory resets and app reinstallations to no avail.


It seems clear that Meta is ignoring a problem by fraudulently inducing Quest 2 users to exchange for defective devices. As a professor and lawyer for more than fifty years, I see them setting themselves up for a class action lawsuit. I will talk to them one more time and if there is no satisfactory resolution, I will look into legal options.

Have you gotten a solution yet @CosmicRatio

What about the rest of us @Ryanality? Any update?

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