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Meta quest 2 OOW devices bricked with a software update.


Meta quest 2 Out Of Warranty devices bricked with a software update intentionally to increase their sales by offering OOW program and making us buy refurbished devices.



Who made you buy an out of warranty device? Do you know their name?

I am having a conversation with Meta support on WhatsApp.

I have quest 2 that was in perfect condition and was forced to update software so I allowed it to update and plugged the charger. After few minutes, I checked and the device is completely dead. Now, if it was a broken device or normal wear and tear I agree and I would purchase a new device but this was intentionally bricked by Meta and now because the device is out of warranty they are asking me to buy either a refurbished device for $170 or a new device. 
So, if you buy a device and after 1 year if they kill the device intentionally with a software update and ask you to buy refurbished device, is that fair business practice? It is cheating in my opinion to increase their sales and profits.


Names of support reps: Sophia, Rob and Alexis.

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The same thing happened to my daughter’s quest. 2.  We purchased it now for her birthday.  However, shortly after the warranty expired the headset screen just quit working. It just showed a black screen with the meta logo spinning in an infinity pattern.  We tried a dozen resets and cold resets… nothing!  We took it to an expert who explained it was caused by an automatic software update, and it’s completely bricked.  There’s nothing that can be done.  I said “let me get this straight, so basically everyone who owns this model has had this happen?”  The answer was basically yes.  Sickened by how much I paid for this, plus ALLL the accessories, games, on a singe mothers income.  (Which ironically happened just before the quest 3 was about to come out.  
HOW??? How can a company sell a product only to render it obsolete a little over a year later?  I cannot afford to buy her a new one. At least when it was working I always knew where she was.  Now she hates me, is off doing god knows what most of the time… and she’s just so angry.  I really hope she’s not on drugs… all because her Quest 2 quit working.  
PLEASE tell me there’s a software patch or something?  

We weren’t even offered to buy a refurbished device .if I’d known I probably would’ve along with an extended warranty.  

Hey there! Your daughter shouldn't have to be kept from enjoying their headset after it suddenly stops working. If your headset was bricked after an update, it's definitely something our support teams want to look into. Even though you mentioned it being out of warranty, I recommend sending a private message to @MetaQuestSupport so they can see what options may be available for you. Hope this info helps!

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This just happened to me as well... black screen, spinning meta logo, then shuts off again. Multiple hard resets and nothing worked. The support desk said it's out of warranty (it's 19 months old) but, "We do have a new program where you can purchase a refurbished replacement..." I am SO PISSED! I'm even a beta tester for one of their apps!

Here's what's weird. I initially emailed the help desk and received an email back from someone named "Nonceto" asking for the serial number. I replied but received no response. 8 days later, I got an email from "Andrea," who told me it was out of warranty and pitched me the OOW program.

I smell a class action lawsuit in the future...

Attaching my transcript with meta

Meta Store Support (6/8/2024, 12:56:00 PM): Thanks for contacting Meta Store Support! We’re here to make sure you get the help you need. 
Meta Store Support (6/8/2024, 12:56:02 PM): We can help answer your questions. Please don't send any of your sensitive personal information, like credit card numbers, in this chat. Do not refresh this page as it could interrupt your session. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 12:57:16 PM): Hello Vuyiseka 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 12:57:43 PM): Hi there Kunal, welcome to Meta Store Support! My name is Vuyiseka, and I'm happy to help you today.
For your reference, this case number is  07071412. 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 12:58:44 PM): Thank you so much for reaching out to us and elaborating on the matter at hand. 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 12:59:06 PM): Could you please inform me if the headset is still off? 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 12:59:34 PM): No its on, connected to wifi and my quest app on android as well 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 12:59:42 PM): All i am seeing is black screen 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 12:59:46 PM): Is there any LED color flashing on headset? 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:00:04 PM): Its not flashing its white led 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:00:27 PM): I am able to see UI when for volume increase / volume decrease 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:00:39 PM): Also able to see the UI when i hold power button 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:00:55 PM): With three option 1) Pwer Off 2) Restart 3) Cancel 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:01:24 PM): I tried launching apps from android quest app, but app doesn't get lunched and i am stuck on black screen 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:01:56 PM): I have also captured logs from OculusGatherLogs.exe 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:02:57 PM): My device was working fine until it there was a software update 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:03:13 PM): After that update i am stuck at this issue 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:03:48 PM): I tried reaching before also, meta didn't help at that time since there was no way to see what's happening 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:04:15 PM): Now i have the logs also, which can prove this is a software issue caused by the update sent by meta 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:05:52 PM): Thank you so much for the information that you have provided, I kindly advise to perform factory reset that may assist with black screen via mobile phone. Are you okay with that? 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:06:06 PM): I have already done that 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:06:18 PM): both via mobile and and usb update mode 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:06:22 PM): After the factory reset we will try to pair your mobile app. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:06:52 PM): It doesn't help i have tried that multiple times 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:07:10 PM): Can you please attempt one more time Kunal so that we can see if the issue will persist. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:07:15 PM): Ok sure 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:07:38 PM): Ok its rebooting now 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:08:02 PM): Alright let's give it a minute. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:08:16 PM): Booted back 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:08:20 PM): same issue 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:08:24 PM): black screen 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:08:32 PM): app shows its connected 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:08:37 PM): To perform a factory reset using your phone:
Open the Meta Quest app on your phone.
Tap Menu then tap Devices.
Tap the headset connected to your phone.
Tap Headset Settings then tap Advanced Settings.
Tap Factory Reset and then Reset. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:09:12 PM): Ok let me do from app 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:09:21 PM): Thanks Kunal. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:09:55 PM): Done device is unpaired from app now 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:10:23 PM): Booted now 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:10:32 PM): shall i pair it with app? 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:11:53 PM): Yes we will pair again, is the screen back to normal now? 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:12:01 PM): no 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:12:07 PM): black screen 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:12:36 PM): Alright, could you please provide me with your headset serial number. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:13:14 PM): 1WMHH********* 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:13:38 PM): I am from india and since its unsupported country replacement was denied 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:13:48 PM): so i don't think that will help 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:14:19 PM): Please escalate this to developers from the logs i have collected to fix this issue 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:14:33 PM): Thanks, while looking into the device information i kindly advise to perform one more time factory reset via headset.
To perform a factory reset using the headset:
Turn off your headset.
Hold the power and volume (-) button on your headset down simultaneously until the boot screen loads on your headset.
Use the volume buttons on your headset to highlight Factory Reset and press the power button.
Use the volume buttons on your headset to highlight Yes and press the power button. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:15:06 PM): I have already done this multiple times, it doesn't help 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:15:14 PM): But let me do that once more 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:16:00 PM): Booting now 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:16:31 PM): Booted to black screen 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:22:43 PM): Thank you so much for attempting all troubleshooting steps that I provided. Upon reviewing the device information it appears that it is out of warranty and it was billed to US, I kindly advise to look into our Out Of Warranty program and if interested you may purchase using the US shipping address as India is not in one of our supported countries. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:23:31 PM): No this is not feasible 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:23:57 PM): I can do this if you pay the shipping fees for both return and shpping 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:24:19 PM): Issue caused because of the software update that was sent by meta 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:24:45 PM): I could have used this option if it was hardware issue 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:25:11 PM): I do have the logs which can be used by your software developers to fix this issue 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:25:23 PM): We can go that way 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:26:36 PM): We can go with below 3 options
1) Escalate this software issue with the logs i have
2) Guide me to rollback to previous software
3) Provide me a free replacement with shipping included 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:30:06 PM): I fully understand your concerns but at this point in time we are unable to rollback to previous software update. In regards to free shipping and replacement, your warranty has expired and we can only offer you our out of warranty program. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:30:46 PM): Then debug this issue and provide a software update that i can sideload 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:31:10 PM): I have the logs which can be used to identify the issue by your software developers 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:31:46 PM): Or you just want to brick out of warranty devices to squeeze some extra money to buy your refurbished replacements? 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:36:10 PM): You are up for a law suit definitely, if you keep bricking out of warranty device with your software updates 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:36:29 PM): I see many people complaining the same 
Vuyiseka (6/8/2024, 1:37:24 PM): I understand Kunal your frustration at this point in time, logs will not assist with black screen hence we had to attempt Factory rest. The only option that we can offer is replacement. There are period of times where a device will need an update. 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:38:17 PM): I am a software developer myself, don't tell me logs can't assist this issue 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:38:31 PM): Just you need to assign somebody to look at it 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:38:45 PM): Do you even know what files that logs consistes? 
Kunal (6/8/2024, 1:39:18 PM): If you now let me know what eeach file consists before coming to a conclusion based on the script meta has provided you 


Warranty last for only 1 year, mine expired.
Also warranty doesn't help me, since i live in india and they its unsupported country.

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