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Meta quest 2 | code showing up almost 10 months after I have already had it

Level 3

Alright, so I got my quest 2 last Christmas and I’ve had only one issue after trying to install gorilla tag mods natively, I since have had to factory reset my quest and I have also gotten blade and sorcery nomad mods, so I do not want to factory reset again as it takes a while to get the mods and it will reset them if I factory reset. Anyways, I wanted to get on gorilla tag today so I tried getting on and it immediately kicked me off and then said that I had to put in this code and I was excited because I was having trouble casting to my phone and I thought maybe this would fix the issue but after putting in the code to my phone it said verified and then it said there was an error try again, this repeated almost three times and I have not been able to play anything since, I just wanna play some Gorilla Tag, PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey Ezzy, give this a shot. Make sure your Cloud Backup is enabled first, then try restarting the headset, go to the gorilla tag page on the Meta Quest store and make sure the game is added to your account, then reinstall the game. If none of these work, I recommend taking a screenshot of the code message and opening a support ticket and give them that screenshot so that we have a starting point for troubleshooting. I'll leave the link to the support site here.

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Thanks I will try this

This did not seem to work but I will put in a ticket and try that because I cannot access the store on my quest and my phone doesn’t show an “add to account button”