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Meta quest 2

My device won't connect to my app at all I'm logged in to Facebook and Instagram It won't pull up the Internet It says it's having trouble shooting things like oops sorry there's an error When I try to open stuff It says I'm the admin account But it keeps wanting me to create a new account All it wants me to do is create a new account Like it doesn't want me to be the admin


This is my 2nd purchase of one of these it's in less than a week I know how to set it up I don't know what's going on with this and why it is doing this please help I think there is something wrong with it

And please don't send me an email again and send me to another referral website At least send me a phone number I can call For help because I'm getting nowhere I've worked on this all last night and I've worked on it all day today Like I said I bought one of these like a week ago and I've been playing with it loved it so much my husband and I bought another 1

Hey Harleyquinn420.1992! We understand that you are having trouble signing into a new device. This is not the experience we want you to have, and we want to do what we can to make sure we assist you in every way possible. We would like to look into this, so do you think you could provide us with the ticket number for the previous support you received so we can catch up?

We do want to let you know that you can also connect with us via chat so that way you are getting real time help. You can do this by going to our support page(to assist you better it is easier if you are signed in when you do this). You will see the chat icons in the bottom right corner. When you connect with one of our agents you can also request a callback to have someone reach out to you via phone. We hope this has helped.

Hey Harleyquinn420.1992! Just reaching back out to you to see if you still need assistance with signing in to your account. We are happy to help you. Just let us know.