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Meta quest 2

Honored Guest

Idk what’s wrong with my meta quest 2 anymore i cant play anything , everything keeps freezing and crashing on me and when i want To play VRCHAT i have To wait 15 mins for loading then it freezing and everything turns black 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @mommyLazy!  We completely understand how it feels to have issues with your system while gaming on your headset. This is not something we like to hear our customers experiencing. In order for us to get a better understanding of your issue, we will need to ask a few questions. 


  • Is this happening on the standalone headset, or when the headset is connected to a PC?
  • Is the lag you're experiencing a framerate issue, or a network lag issue?
  • Have you changed internet service providers recently, or purchased a router or modem?

Once you get back to us with this information, we can look further into this issue. Thanks!

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