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Meta quest mobile website is not working

Honored Guest

Just got a new Meta Quest 2 today, and have been trying to set it up for 6 hours, but the same issue is blocking me.  It is requiring me to sync it with my phone using their meta quest app, which i downloaded without issue.  And creating a Meta account was easy as well.  When i open up the app, it asks me to login, which i choose to use email login, as i do not have a facebook or instagram.  The app redirects me to my mobile web browser, and i go through the two step verification without issue. i then get to the page asking to confirm continuing with the account.  when i click on that button, there is no response from the website.  So far, i have tried deleting the app, clearing my cache, restarting my phone, and each time the website stops me at this step. I have been stuck on this step for 5 and a half hours so far, and nothing on the forums, reddit, or your customer service has been able to help me so far.  Please fix this issue on the website, as at this point it can only be an error on the part of the web developer.



Hi @CrisPMeme 

you can try to log in with pc 

maybe the confirm page in phone will work, if you are once logged in.

I know it's not logical, but that's what I would try😂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding this, magic  is what we try to get done for our users! 

Just for verication, can you provide the following information:

  • Full name you would like to be presented as
  • email address you would prefer for you to receive email correspondence from

We are looking forward to hearing back from you! 

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